How to make money selling on Amazon

From Jim Cockrum

Would you sell on Amazon if you knew more about it?

There’s an entirely different way to look at selling on Amazon that you probably haven’t considered yet, and it’s working amazingly well for so many of Jim’s earliest students.

Proven Amazon Course

CHECK OUT YOUTUBE INTERVIEW: Today you’ll meet one of our coaching students (he’s also a student) who, as a former high school teacher decided he wanted more flexibility and income. In this episode you’ll hear EXACTLY what he sells, where and HOW he sources it and how you can replicate his success. You’ll love his simple, powerful “hacks” that he’s discovered while using his free Amazon app!


This episode is arguably content that we should be charging money to share! No matter how long you’ve been selling online, this episode will give you two or three (minimum) new HIGHLY PROFITABLE strategies that you can start using today.

You see, if you know where to look, Amazon will tell you EXACTLY what high margin, zero competition, easily located products you should sell on their site for huge margins.

Brett has an entire team working for him doing just that – all day every day, and he’s built an 8 figure business using ONLY this strategy.

Brett’s team doesn’t spend their days looking for products to sell. They instead spend their days systematically uncovering the potentially millions of “golden gaps” in the Amazon catalog.

The “golden gaps” strategy course is easily worth thousands but we are practically giving it away b/c there’s virtually unlimited potential, and we want YOUR Amazon selling success story.

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