Get the Discount Pharmacy card and save even more on your needs at the pharmacy.


This is your Free card, it works now, you know people who need it, even via email or from behind the pharmacy counter for those who cannot afford the retail amount. They will save a little or a lot, and you NOW earn $1.20 of each rx filled at chains! All claims this month will pay next month, so help those who need it and earn at the same time – FREE! This card is HIPAA Compliant, patient’s information is never disclosed to any third party nor used to solicit or compete with the pharmacy or used for solicitation! Email to someone, or print this, you can put on the back of your business card if you like, tape it to the pharmacy counter for those who need it. It works for you now if you don’t have your printed cards yet:


Present this to your pharmacist and save up to 90% or more!

MEMBER ID: Enter Patient’s Phone Number


RxBIN: 610568


THIS IS NOT INSURANCE, IT’S FREE! Your Information is never disclosed to any third parties or used for solicitation, unlike any other card.

To order professionally printed cards visit and enter your group code NCR3368

NO OTHER PHARMACY CARD IN AMERICA OFFERS BETTER OVERALL SAVINGS! Take this to your local CVS, Wal-Mart, Walgreens, Target, K-Mart and more, tell them we sent you, and save! More pharmacies available, call the number below to inquire!

How Do I Benefit? You save money of course, but also there is no longer a need to shop around for the lowest price! It’s the same low price at each pharmacy, providing you the freedom to use the pharmacy you enjoy the most. Unlike other prescription discount cards, your information is never disclosed to third parties, and you will NEVER be solicited for mail order.

Hand the card to the pharmacist when you drop off your prescription and see what kind of discount you get. Brand name drugs will have a typical 10-20% discount with greater savings coming on generics where you can save up to 75%. We’ve seen some discounts even higher!

How does my Pharmacy Benefit? First we bring them more customers, and keep them going there! We don’t compete with pharmacies by offering you mail order, nor do pharmacies have to worry about losing you as a valuable customer based on price. No other card operates with the high level of customer satisfaction as InCareRx. It doesn’t cost the pharmacy any less to use InCareRx for you than it does for them to accept an insurance card.

Professionally printed cards get a better response, so if you are running out or have not ordered professionally printed cards, visit Enter Your Group Code: NCR3368

These are the ONLY cards that do not compete with our chain pharmacies with Mail Order, your patients information is NEVER disclosed. Our goal is to send them more customers and keep them going there each month. I love all the calls from those who are saying thanks, and thank you!

Thank You, and those you hand or email this too will thank you as well, it’s free J






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