McKinney’s Katy Blakey on NBC5

Truett Street murders

Have you heard about The Truett Street murders in McKinney? On March 23, 2014, six members of the Hinojosa family were found dead in their home on Truett Street, including four children, their mother, and their aunt. The victims had been shot to death. The McKinney Police investigation led to the arrest and conviction ofContinue reading “Truett Street murders”

Top 10 foods to lower blood sugar levels

Spanish: Los 10 mejores alimentos que pueden ayudar a reducir los niveles de azúcar en la sangre: Verduras sin almidón: las verduras sin almidón como las verduras de hoja verde, el brócoli, la coliflor y los espárragos tienen un índice glucémico bajo y un alto contenido de fibra, lo que ayuda a regular los nivelesContinue reading “Top 10 foods to lower blood sugar levels”

Health: Top 10 foods to lower blood pressure

Here are 10 foods that may help lower blood pressure: In Spanish: Aquí hay 10 alimentos que pueden ayudar a bajar la presión arterial: Verduras de hojas verdes: Las verduras de hojas verdes oscuras como la espinaca, la col rizada, la col rizada y la rúcula son ricas en potasio y otros nutrientes que puedenContinue reading “Health: Top 10 foods to lower blood pressure”

What are local favorite backyard barbecue grills?

Many excellent barbecue grills can be found on the market, and the best one for you will depend on your personal preferences and needs. Here are some recommended options: Spanish: Hay muchas parrillas de barbacoa excelentes disponibles en el mercado, y la mejor para usted dependerá de sus preferencias y necesidades personales. Sin embargo, aquíContinue reading “What are local favorite backyard barbecue grills?”

History of Chisholm Trail

Did you know? The Chisholm Trail was a major cattle drive route that ran from Texas to Kansas during the late 1800s. The trail was named after Jesse Chisholm, a trader and “Indian agent” who had established a trading post near the present-day town of Wichita, Kansas. The trail was originally used by Native Americans,Continue reading “History of Chisholm Trail”