The 411 on #FAFSA and #Financial Aid #Grants #Scholarships

Applying for grants, scholarships and / or financial aid? Check this out:  Find out about the Financial Aid Process:  FAFSA what you need to know: Ready? How to fill our the FAFSA:   Get started on your FAFSA: Important: Many schools set financial aid deadlines in March. Get started now to be considered for the greatContinue reading “The 411 on #FAFSA and #Financial Aid #Grants #Scholarships”

Snow day: Two coyotes on the golf course at Stonebridge in McKinney Texas – Photo video credit @andersonteebox

Coyotes on the course around 11:20 a.m. Sunday, Feb. 14, 2021, at Stonebridge @andersonteebox Check out Mr. Anderson’s video on his Twitter account @andersonteebox