Journey to ADRIATICA VILLAGE in McKinney, Texas

Inspiring. Unique. Amazing …

Consider spending some time in Texas at Adriatica Village.

Moving to Texas? Consider taking a moment to learn about developer Jeff Blackard and Adriatica, a Croatian-inspired village in McKinney, Texas.

Adriatica Village is just one of the reasons McKinney was voted No. 1 of Money‘s Best Places to Live. Watch the next video to see Jeff Blackard’s vision of Adriatica Village.

Adriatica Village in McKinney is just east of Frisco, Texas, between Custer Road and U.S. 75 at the intersection of Stonebridge and Virginia Parkway.



This page sponsored by fans of the Guitar Sanctuary, 6633 Virginia Parkway, and The Sanctuary Music & Events Center, in McKinney, Texas



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