Hilton endorses Harris in McKinney

Former At Large Candidate Hilton Endorses Harris In Runoff Election | Town Square Buzz

Town Square Buzz is reporting that former McKinney At Large candidate Matt Hilton endorses Roger Harris for McKinney City Council At Large in the runoff election set for June 18, 2011.

“Roger and I share common values, objectives and vision for our city,” Hilton said. “I know Roger has the experience and qualifications needed to improve our quality of life and enact development initiatives.”

Hilton was vying for the At Large position along with four other candidates until Election Day, May 14th, when it was announced that Harris and Steve Bell are in a runoff election for the At-Large position.

Hilton received 20 percent of the vote, while Harris and Bell received 36 percent.

Hilton is asking his supporters and McKinney citizens to support Harris for the At Large position.

“Roger is an independent thinker who stands firm in his convictions. I know Roger will represent all McKinney citizens and will make a great councilman.”

Harris said he is honored to receive Hilton’s endorsement.

“Hilton is a great man who shares my genuine concern for the city. We are aligned in many areas and are both passionate about making McKinney a better city,” Harris said.

Harris and Hilton said it is now more important than ever that McKinney citizens cast their votes in the runoff election. “The future of our city is in your hands. Mark your calendars and go vote,” Hilton said.

Early voting begins June 6th and Election Day is June 18th.

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