Letters to the Editor: Vote for Rath

I am supporting Tracy Rath in the race for McKinney City Council, District 2. One of Tracy’s greatest assets is the experience she has gained by working with people and on projects in McKinney. As a result, she has a deep understanding of the challenges we face as a city, and the concerns of the citizens. She is the rare combination of an enthusiastic team player and an excellent leader.

As part of a team, I’ve observed her listen to all points of view and help that group reach consensus. As a leader, I’ve observed her make tough decisions and deal with the consequences. A strong proponent of open and public discussion, Tracy knows that the democratic process is a messy, yet necessary, one. She doesn’t take short cuts—and refuses to give in to special interests.

She is an excellent listener and communicator. While Tracy can speak to and about most issues effectively, she is the unique leader who understands that listening and learning is often more important in reaching a good decision. If she doesn’t have the facts, she will say so upfront and work hard to search them out. She always does her homework, comes prepared, and asks questions.

Tracy’s leadership style is sorely needed on our council.

Please join me in voting for Tracy Rath for McKinney City Council, District 2.


Sherry Tucker David
McKinney, Texas

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