Collin County Primary Run-off Election results


Matt Shaheen won the Republican Primary Run-off
Team Matt Shaheen won the Republican Primary Run-off



SUSAN FLETCHER 54.0, Mark Reid 46.0

“I would like to take this time to thank the voters of Collin County for their vote and ultimately the trust they have placed in me to be the next elected Commissioner for Precinct 1,” Susan Hayes Fletcher said. “I am honored to have earned this trust and do not take it lightly. From day one, I was focused on running a positive issue-oriented campaign and that resonated with the citizens of Collin County. I would like to also thank my opponent, Mark Reid, for his service to the county. We need to honor those who are willing to step up and serve their community and encourage citizen participation. I would also like to thank the volunteers who gave of their time and treasure to make this campaign successful. They put their trust in me and I am proud of the campaign we ran. I look forward to the challenge ahead and ask for everyone to come together and keep making Collin County the Jewel of North Texas.


Republican Run-off

JOHN RATCLIFFE 54.93, Ralph Hall 45.07


Democrat Run-off

DAVID ALAMEEL 76.63, Kesha Rogers 23.37


Republican Run-off

 KEN PAXTON 69.91, Dan Branch 30.09


Republican Run-off

MATT SHAHEEN 53.8, Glenn Callison 46.2

“Robyn and I feel truly blessed for the victory tonight and are thankful to God,” Matt Shaheen said. “I want to thank the many volunteers, statewide organizations and State Representatives who stood with me in my fight for liberty. I am grateful for the outcome tonight and what’s to come!”


Republican Run-off

 DAN PATRICK 68.95, David Dewhurst 31.05


Republican Run-off

 RYAN SITTON 51.33, Wayne Christian 48.67

“With your support, we were able to win the runoff election for Railroad Commissioner,” Ryan Sitton said. “I can’t thank you enough for all your efforts on my behalf.

“We have a lot of work to do between now and the general election,” Sitton said. “I’m committed to working as hard as ever to earn every Texans’ vote. After all, it is important that every Texan is confident and proud of our energy industry and the Railroad Commission must be out in front representing you every day in a responsible way.

“I also want to thank Wayne Christian and his supporters for a spirited race,” Sitton said. “Wayne should be proud of his campaign and past service to our state. Thank you again for supporting me. Together we will make sure Texas leads America to becoming the global leader in energy.”



RICHARD FRIEDMAN 56.3, Jim Hogan 43.7


SID MILLER 62.28, Tommy Merritt 37.72,%202014%20Combined%20Election%20Day%20and%20Early%20Ballots%20-%20Accumulated%20Totals.pdf


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Hall, Congress find solution to water treatment problem caused by zebra mussels at Texoma

Zebra Mussels on Dock (flickr/Gene Wilburn)

Congressman Ralph Hall is leading the fight for more water for North Texas, and in Washington, D.C., the House of Representatives just voted to pass the North Texas Zebra Mussel Barrier Act of 2012.

H.R. 6007, sponsored by Rep. Ralph Hall (TX-04), allows the North Texas Municipal Water District to pump water from Lake Texoma straight into the Wylie, Texas Water Treatment Plant.

Congressman Ralph Hall

“H.R. 6007 will enable the Water District to resume pumping water to better serve more than 1.5 million users and do so in a manner that provides safe water in the tradition of its 20-year history,” Hall said. 
“This bill will allow the Texoma Water Pump to reopen, provide much-needed jobs, and provide enough clean water to the community during a season of severe drought – when water is desperately needed.

 “This is a common-sense solution, a necessary solution, and one that helps restore North Texas’s water supply,” Hall said.

In Wylie, the water can be cleaned of zebra mussels without being in violation of the Lacey Act. The bill passed by voice vote. 

Zebra Mussels in a pipe (flickr/Gemma Grace)

“North Texas has a serious problem with an invasive aquatic species called the zebra mussel,” Hall stated on the floor of Congress. “Zebra mussels will attach to just about anything – they infest and cover rocks, attach to boats and docks, and clog water pipelines.  North Texas has a unique situation due to a Texas/Oklahoma boundary change that requires a Congressional solution. You know you hear people say, ‘It would take an act of Congress’ to get something accomplished – well, this is what we’re doing today.” 

Hall said: “Our local water folks have been working extremely hard to prevent the spread of zebra mussels – while simultaneously attempting to provide enough clean water to our citizens, but they need our help…These  folks have tackled and solved this problem, and now they need our support.” 

In the late 1980s the North Texas Municipal Water District built the Lake Texoma Pump Station to better serve its users.  The station was built entirely within the Texas border and in accordance with the Army Corps of Engineers 1939 survey, which defined the Texas and Oklahoma boundary line.

In 2000, a variation in the Texas-Oklahoma border was enacted into law that caused the pump station to straddle the two states. When zebra mussels appeared in Lake Texoma in 2009, use of the water pump station was effectively banned due to the Lacey Act – a bill that prohibits the transfer of zebra mussels across state lines. The North Texas Municipal Water District generally receives 28% of its water supply from Lake Texoma.

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Hall votes to cut spending, taxes

WASHINGTON, DC … As the 111th session of Congress prepared for adjournment, Rep. Ralph Hall (R-TX/4) applauded House Republicans’ solidarity in voting to cut taxes for all Americans and cut federal spending levels. “Creating jobs, cutting spending, and changing how Congress does business are the goals for the Republican Majority in the House next year, and these votes are a good first step,” Hall said.

Today Hall joined a nearly unanimous Republican Conference in voting against a resolution that would continue to fund the federal government at current high levels, but the bill passed by a vote of 193 – 165. “We needed a bill that cuts spending and puts our nation on the path for a balanced budget,” Hall said. “Republicans were not able to offer an alternative bill with spending cuts, but we were able to extract a short-term funding bill, through March 4, 2011, instead of a year-long funding bill at elevated spending levels.”

“Republicans will have the opportunity to eliminate wasteful spending as early as March of next year, and as the Chairman-Elect of the Committee on Science and Technology, I will work with my Committee Members to suggest some of those cuts,” Hall noted. “House Speaker-Elect Boehner is proposing a plan to cut spending back to pre-bailout and pre-stimulus 2008 levels, which would save taxpayers nearly $100 billion a year, and the Republican Conference also has adopted a ban on earmarks in the next Congress.”

Last week, the House approved H.R. 4853, a bill to prevent the January 1st tax hikes that would have affected every taxpayer and would have further weakened the economy. “Republicans in the House and Senate made sure that extension of the Bush tax cuts applied to all Americans – from the lowest to the highest income brackets – to help boost the economy and prevent more job losses,” Hall said. “With almost one in ten Americans out of work, we need to stop all tax hikes and provide incentives for small businesses to stay in business. We also need to work to permanently eliminate the death tax that affects small businesses, farmers, and families.”

Specifically, the tax bill provides a two-year extension of all current tax rates, as well as the 15 percent rate on capital gains and dividends. It also extends the child tax credit, the earned income tax credit, marriage penalty relief, and the American Opportunity tax credit.
The bill sets the death tax rate at 35 percent with an exemption amount of $5 million and provides a one-year payroll-tax reduction, a two-year AMT patch, 100 percent expensing for small businesses, extension of the R&D business tax credit, and continues a number of refundable tax credits. It also provides additional unemployment insurance benefits.

“Republicans made a Pledge to America in the last election, and we will work to honor that pledge to create jobs, reduce the deficit, and change how Congress works,” Hall said. “House Republicans have adopted new rules to increase transparency and accountability and ensure that the 112th Congress is focused on the priorities of the American people – especially reducing spending.”

A new Cut-Go rule will prohibit consideration of any suspension bill that creates a new program unless it eliminates or reduces a program of equal or greater size. Republicans also will prohibit any suspension bill that increases authorizations, appropriations, or direct spending unless fully offset, as well as bills that are commemorative or congratulatory in nature. In addition, bills and votes will be posted on-line for the American people to review.

“I look forward to working with my colleagues in the 112th Congress to strengthen the economy, create jobs, and return the federal government to fiscal responsibility by cutting spending and working towards a balanced budget,” Hall said. “I also look forward to repealing the disastrous health bill passed by this Administration.”

“The American people expect – and deserve – the best from their elected representatives. We have been given an opportunity to meet their expectations in the next Congress.”

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