McKinney’s District 2 council race going to be fun to watch

Tracy Rath brought in a crowd to fill Brother’s Pizza on Eldorado Parkway on Monday night, and Doc Vranici’s pizza pies went fast as the candidate for the race for the District 2 city council seat in McKinney kicked off her campaign.

“We can do a better job in McKinney,” Rath said. “My passion and love for McKinney and my organizational skills will help us do better. My 20 years of volunteer work for McKinney and work in many organizations in McKinney help make me the best candidate for this council seat. We can do better.”

Rath, running against incumbent Geralyn Kever, plans to shake hands with as many neighbors as she can.

“We will be walking every block starting Saturday,” Rath said. “Come and join us at our home. I’ll be cooking breakfast, and then we will start walking. We will be going fast all the way through to the election.”

Kever has been busy working to hold her seat, meeting with voters in homes and offices.

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