Frisco ISD speeding up construction on new elementary

The Frisco ISD Board of Trustees voted Monday evening to accelerate construction of a new elementary school to relieve Ashley Elementary in the northeast portion of the District.

Construction will now begin to ensure the campus is complete for the first day of school next fall.

The new school will be built on a site along Independence Parkway, across the street and just south of Independence High School, situated at 10555 Independence in Frisco.

Frisco ISD capped new student enrollment at Ashley Elementary School last month for the second straight year. Ashley is about 100 students above capacity.

The new school, previously known only as elementary No. 38, can now also be referred to by name.

Trustees approved naming the school for Armetha Norris, a respected parent and nurse who launched FISD’s school nurse system and school health program in 1978. She is a life-time member of PTA and was once nominated for School Nurse of the Year with the National Association of School Nurses.

School Board members also approved names for three other new schools:

    • Lebanon High School – Frisco ISD’s ninth high school was named for the community of Lebanon, which predates Frisco by about 50 years. Lebanon grew as settlers moved to Texas looking for land and opportunity, but was abandoned by many residents after the railroad was established further north. Still others stayed in the area and sent their children to Lebanon School until it closed in 1947, at which time they became Frisco ISD students.

      Lebanon High School, currently under construction near Lebanon Road and Ohio Drive, will open in 2016 with ninth graders only. Without high school #9, two of the high schools on the east side of Preston Road will be over capacity in 2016, with the other two pushing capacity.

    • Pearson Middle School – Frisco ISD’s 15th middle school was named for Charles Bishop Pearson, a member of the Frisco ISD Board of Trustees from 1960-1972. Mr. Pearson served as Board president for ten years and led the District and voters through several important decisions, including passing a bond to build Z.T. Acker Elementary, supporting a school band program and the vote to desegregate.

      Pearson Middle School is under construction near Stonebrook Parkway and Teel Parkway. It will open in 2015 to relieve Pioneer Heritage Middle School.

  •  Lawler Middle School – Frisco ISD’s 16th middle school honors the William Robert Lawler family for its long history of service to their country and contributions to the community. In 2014, son Roger Lawler donated $1 million to the Frisco Education Foundation to fund scholarships for graduating FISD seniors.

    Lawler Middle School will be built at the southeast corner of Coit Road and County Road 68 (CR 68), on land Mr. Lawler owned adjacent to his original farm in Frisco. The school will open in 2016 to relieve middle schools east of Preston Road.

Read more about the school namesakes.

Two other schools are also under construction that were named previously.

Reedy High School, named for former FISD Superintendent Dr. Rick Reedy, will open in 2015 at 3003 Stonebrook Parkway. It will serve students in ninth and tenth grade its first year. Reedy will primarily relieve overcrowding at Frisco High School, but Wakeland High School will need relief as well.

Trent Middle School, named for former FISD Fine Arts Director Dr. Daryl Trent, will open in 2015 at 13131 Coleto Creek Drive. Trent will relieve Stafford Middle School.

The process to create attendance boundaries for the schools opening next year will begin next month, with a final decision expected in December. Other needed zone adjustments will be made at this time as well.

Click here to learn more about the rezoning process and timeline.

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