Farmersville ‘trade days’ Feb. 4 at Farmers and Fleas Market


The Farmers & Fleas Market will be held in downtown Farmersville at the historic Onion Shed on Saturday, Feb. 4. Sales hours are 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. The market features produce, plants, crafts, food, garage sale items, and more.

The Farmers and Fleas Market on the first Saturday of each month is a project of Farmersville Main Street, which is dedicated to downtown revitalization. It is Farmersville’s version of “trades days.”

Vendor space is available.  For more information, contact Farmersville Main Street Program, 972-784-6846

Adah Leah Wolf is the Farmersville Main Street Manager.

Troubling times ahead for trees

The National Weather Service declared 2011 as the driest year on record and the second hottest, leaving close to 500 million trees dead in its wake, according to the Texas Forest Service. While recent rain has helped trees and landscaping, it is important to keep watering throughout the winter when the soil is dry and the rains have stopped.

Though your tree may look like it’s not doing anything right now, it’s growing new roots. Maintaining adequate soil moisture to a depth of 12 to 15″ is key.

The abnormally high temperatures, lack of normal precipitation and windy conditions have been stressful for our trees this season. Especially trees in urban heat islands, along medians, and in areas where there is a wind tunnel effect.

Deep watering helps our trees. To best water your tree this winter, use a soaker hose at the dripline of the tree and let the water slowly trickle in an area. The amount of water needed, and the timing between watering is dependent upon the amount of water in the soil and the amount of rain we’ve gotten. As a rule of thumb your tree needs an inch of water covering the space beneath the canopy of the tree a week, or roughly 10 gallons of water per inch of trunk diameter.

Visible signs of drought stress can be hard to tell this time of year. Some trees in your yard may look dead, but tree experts say don’t cut them down yet. Continue to water your tree through the winter between periods of rain and take a wait and see approach and wait for spring. If you suspect your tree is stressed or dead contact a certified arborist to take a look.

“A lot of trees are dormant right now and some went dormant early because of the drought as a defense mechanism,” said Matt Grubisich, Urban Forester for Texas Trees Foundation. “Even with water restrictions, most municipalities will let you use a soaker hose, which is a great way to be able to water your trees.”

Grubisich said North Texas will continue to see stressed trees throughout Spring with normal to cooler temperatures and more rain. Continue to water trees this summer if the rains stop . For additional information about tree care and watering, visit

McKinney’s Bayes chairing DFW area tourism council

Diann Bayes, executive director of the McKinney Convention and Visitors Bureau, will serve as the chair of the board of directors of the Dallas/Fort Worth Area Tourism Council for 2012.

“The member organizations within DFWATC work together to promote North Texas as a single tourism destination, and I’m honored to serve as the 2012 Chair,” Bayes said. In 2011, she served on the DFWATC board as the chair of the organization’s Social Media committee, helping the group establish a more active Internet presence and conducting social media workshops for DFWATC members, and in 2011, she served as Vice-Chair for the organization.

Bayes brings to the table 16 years of knowledge and experience in the hospitality industry, having previously worked as Executive Director of the Hillsboro Chamber of Commerce and CVB, and as Tourism Sales Manager at the Convention and Visitors Bureau in Manhattan, Kansas. Bayes joined the City of McKinney as McKinney CVB Executive Director in 2006.

Bayes will travel with other DFWATC members and many other Texas tourism and hospitality professionals to Austin in coming weeks as part of the annual Texas Travel Industry Association (TTIA) Unity Dinner, a time for networking and meeting with state officials about tourism and its economic impact.

“The Dallas/Fort Worth area is consistently ranked as the No. 1 most visited area in the state of Texas, and we have a tremendous opportunity to make a significant positive economic impact on our region and the state by attracting national and international visitors to our cities,” Bayes said. “Tourism is a major economic engine for the State of Texas, with a proven $7 return on investment for every $1 spent on promoting tourism.”

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