Blazier promoted to interim district clerk; Crigger, two others sentenced to probation

Judy Blazier has been promoted to interim District Clerk for Collin County.

A day earlier, Patricia Wysong Crigger and Rebecca Littrell were convicted of abuse of official capacity and conspiracy to commit abuse of official capacity. Sherry Bell was convicted of conspiracy to commit abuse of official capacity.


Crigger and Littrell were sentenced Wednesday to four years of probation. Bell is sentenced to two years of probation. None will remain in the district clerks office.

Because convicted felons can not hold a public office in Texas, Crigger has been removed from her duties as Collin County district clerk by the judge. After replacing Crigger on Wednesday, Blazier fired Littrell and Bell.

The case involved performing 2010 reelection campaign work on county time.


Former District Clerk Hannah Kunkle was found not guilty of abuse of official capacity and conspiracy to commit abuse of official capacity. Crigger, a longtime employee, ran for election to replace Kunkle.

The Judge Wooten case

In November, state District Judge Suzanne Wooten was convicted on bribery charges by a jury. Charges said the judge took money during the 2008 campaign in exchange for future favorable rulings. Wooten was given (10 years) probation and stepped down as 380th District Court judge. She also received a $10,000 fine. Doctors clamp down on visitors to Lauren Scruggs reports that Lauren Scruggs’ doctors want to make sure she isn’t ‘exposed to virus’ while she recovers. Lauren, the 23-year-old model whose face and hand were slashed when she walked into the propeller of a two-seater prop plane Dec. 3, is currently recovering in the ICU of Dallas’ Parkland Hospital — but a new update from her family reveals she is no longer accepting visitors.

“Due to the risk of infection, there will be NO VISITATION until further notice,” reads a message on Lauren’s CaringBridge page. “This is a critical time, and we can not risk Lauren being exposed to virus.”

Lauren’s family is “more than thankful and overwhelmed with the support shown through visitation at the hospital.” They encourage well-wishers to continue to support Lauren through prayer, and will update us all when visitors are welcome again.

“She is making progress,” a friend of Lauren’s told on Dec. 6. “But it is a long road ahead. It is such a tragedy. She is SO beautiful inside and out.”

To read more and see pictures of Lauren please click on Lauren Scruggs update

Frisco ISD: Meningitis case at elementary school


Encourage Healthy Habits

There are a lot of little things your teen can do every day to help prevent meningitis. Here are just a few healthy habits that can help:
Meningococcal bacteria can enter the body through the nose and mouth, so teens should avoid sharing glasses, eating utensils—anything that someone has put in or near their mouth.
Get enough sleep and take a break from stress. Being tired and stressed out can weaken the immune system, which may make a teen more prone to meningitis.
Studies have shown that smoking or being around secondhand smoke can increase a teen’s chances of catching meningitis.

Know the symptoms of Meningitis

You and your teen should know the red flags for meningitis. A teen with meningococcal disease may have some or all of the following symptoms, but maybe not at the same time:

Severe headaches
High fever
Painfully stiff neck
Nausea and vomiting

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