Views – Pete Huff: Vote for bonds

McKinney Mayor Pro-Tem Pete Huff offers these reasons to support the McKinney ISD bond election:

The first is obviously the education of our children. In world competition for success at all levels, it is imperative that our children have the best education possible. This will result in a stronger city, state and nation and more successful people. Technology and learning are the keys to everyone’s future.

The second reason is that McKinney is in constant competition for economic development. One of the most significant factors businesses consider when deciding where to locate and invest, is the quality of the school system. McKinney ISD has been a major positive factor in McKinney’s economic development efforts. We cannot let our schools slide from their current excellent rating. MISD is 1 of only 31 ISDs receiving the state of Texas 5 Star Rating. The state further describes MISD as “very high performance” with “very low spending.”

With an average 988 additional students each year, MISD must invest in facilities and technology to stay ahead of other ISDs and the rest of the world. This is key to help McKinney attract business and prosper in the future.

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