‘See your potential by the sea’

Sandra Yancey knows what it takes to grow a big business and organization. She also remembers that road to the top can be full of sacrifices, but the climb is worth the journey.

She remembers crying after losing her best friend when she was a little girl. Learning how to handle that situation from her mother, became the backbone for a career that includes creating the nationwide eWomen Network, which will be presenting “See your potential by the sea” in Corpus Christi from Feb. 24-27 at the Radisson Corpus Christi Beach..

Along the way, the founder and CEO of eWomen Network of one million women learned to never use the word “fine.” She told a full house at the eWomen Network McKinney-Allen Chapter meeting in June that she wants women to stop using the word “fine.”

“Ladies, we only use the word fine when we don’t mean it,” Yancey said. “It is rare you hear men use the word ‘fine.’ When I lost my best friend, I went into my room, closed the door and sobbed. My mother asked me ‘What is wrong?’ I said, ‘Nothing, I’m fine.’ “

Her mom made a lasting impression when she asked, “If you are so fine, why are you all curled up in bed?”

When her friend Penny became friends with Emily and left little Sandra alone, that led her to discover a strategy for life and business.

“My mother said, ‘You are going to go out and start acting like a best friend, and soon you will have a best friend.’ “

Yancey said your top five friends can determine your life. She said some friends have to go.

“When I’m on the phone with someone who is negative, I find my whole mood shifts,” she said. “When you have someone toxic in your life who brings you down, we need to hug them and let them go.”

Yancey spends two hours a day writing in a journal.

“I give nothing but gratitude,” Yancey said.

She said eWomen Network started slow in a free room in La Madeleine in Dallas. When her friends didn’t show, she went out and made new ones and through time chapters popped up around the country.

“Your future is the people you don’t know,” Yancey said. “You can have an amazingly successful local business if you just want to fit in. If all you do is fit in, all you will be is a ‘me too’ and an ‘also-ran.’ What you can’t have is an amazing multi-million dollar business if you don’t meet new people and don’t stand out. To have an amazing multi-million dollar business you have to have one thing. Those women who figure this out will have one. There is a little space between fitting in and standing out. You have to stand out.”

Yancey told the group one small step can help in any social or business setting.

“Do not sit next to your girl friends,” she told the women in the meeting at Eldorado Country Club in McKinney. She said starting a business can’t be done with just family and friends.

“Do they buy from you?” Yancey asked. “All we ever hear is start with your family and friends. What a great way to experience a letdown. Can you imagine the psychological damage to you when you set yourself up for all of that rejection? What I have learned is I had to get out of my own backyard to be successful. Your friends and family will wait until you are self-evident before they will buy.”

Yancey said always go after more of the market.

“Do you think Bill Gates sits around and says ’20 percent of the market is enough?’ Coke is the most popular brand on the market. Do we see them stop advertising?

“People make a decision on you in a nano second,” Yancey said. “That’s almost too soon. One thing people will never forget about you is when you help them.”

She said don’t count on luck, but do count on the universe.

“I think there is a lot less luck out there than we believe. But the universe is always right on time,” she said. “Let’s see all of the positive things we can put out in to the universe.” The last time she went shopping for shoes with her daughter, they couldn’t find a parking place. By putting positive thoughts out, a parking space suddenly opened in front of her car.

Yancey said everyone has to go out and create their own future.

“The corporations are not going to be hiring anybody any time soon,” Yancey said.

Yancey met with a Dell executive after meeting one on a plane, who said small business owned by women was the fastest growing market. She made sure that she listened to what Dell needed before making a presentation.

“It was about listening to what their pain points were,” Yancey said. “It doesn’t have to be about pain points. It could be about their dreams. It is about relationships. Ladies, it is slower. Relationships take time. Networking is not about getting everybody’s card in this room.”

She said stop multi-tasking to be a success.

“Multi-tasking is a waste of a life,” she said.

She suggests building a list with two sides. On the left, put all the “fabulous, wonderful people in your life.” On the other side, list the “people you don’t know who you need to know.’ Then, draw a third column The third column is for all the toxic people. Give them a hug and let them go.”

“Successful people hang around successful people,” she said. “It is not about playing in a safe zone. When you get someone’s card who you want to meet, you dog-ear the upper corner of their card. Your future is in your followup, and in the people you don’t know.”

Yancey also said women can’t be successful by trying to be men.

“We are not like men,” Yancey said. “The more we try to be like them, the more we are an imposter.”

Next time Yancey is in town, ask her about crossing your heart and joining the Jane Russell girls club. That’s a story that’s best in person.

Join: The local McKinney-Allen chapter of eWomen Network meets on the second Thursday of each month at Eldorado Country Club. To register for upcoming events, email DebraPope@eWomenNetwork.com or call her at 214-592-5196.

On the Web: http://www.ewomennetwork.com/

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