Letter to the Editor: Early voting starts April 27, election day May 9 in McKinney TX city council race

I love election time! It’s a moment when we as Americans exercise one of our greatest freedoms, the right to vote.

My dear friend Tracy Rath is running for McKinney City Council At-Large. I urge you to review her website, http://www.tracyformckinney.com, go to a candidate forum, get in touch with her, and ultimately vote for her! Her numerous years of not only having worked for the City of McKinney, but running political campaigns, volunteering, serving on boards, and giving back to the community she loves, make her by far the most qualified candidate.

I think that you know that I do not give my support to anything I do not believe in 100%. I have been with Tracy through many experiences, both personal and professional, and I know few people who are as selfless and up to the task. I am happy to talk with you more about Tracy if you would like more information.

Early voting starts April 27, with Election Day on May 9. For election information, visit http://www.co.collin.tx.us/elections. Please take advantage of your right to vote!

Many Blessings,

Wendy Shelley
Community Volunteer

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Letters: Rath can get job done

Letters to the Editor

By Gigi Bonham
In the three years I have known Tracy, I have been so impressed by not only her character, compassion, and fantastic work ethic, but by her knowledge of city issues that affect residents in McKinney.

We met volunteering in the community and I discovered immediately that she is not afraid to roll up her sleeves and do the work! I love her energy, her tenacity, her dedication, and her desire to help McKinney develop into a city that works for everyone. Tracy truly cares about what she is doing and her concern is genuine. How refreshing is that?! She has earned the respect of those with whom she has worked and volunteered and her track record on numerous boards and foundations in McKinney demonstrates that she can get the job done.

We need someone like Tracy on Council — someone who does her homework, is not afraid to speak up and fight for what we need, and stay focused on constructive solutions that bring consensus and progress. I am so honored support Tracy Rath in the City Council District 2 race.

Gigi Bonham
Executive Director


By Wendy Shelley
I would like to offer my support to Tracy Rath for City Council District 2.
Tracy is a doer who never looks for recognition and prefers to work behind the scenes. I personally have witnessed her strong leadership skills and get-your-hands-dirty attitude. She can bring a team together, always completes her task in a timely manner, and within budget.

Tracy is the first to step up and volunteer and can be found every year on a
Relay for Life team, pounding the pavement looking for donations, installing
drywall, picking up trash at the SRLA yard sale, working on events for the Crape Myrtle Trails, participating on the Believe! committee, serving dinner at Samaritan Inn, or emceeing one of many community events. While some may belittle her volunteerism, McKinney is at a critical crossroad and needs doers who have integrity and unquestionable motives.

Tracy Rath is who we need on our City Council. She is an open and transparent rules follower whose vast knowledge about McKinney, its citizens, and how it functions is invaluable. Please vote for Tracy Rath on May 14th.

Warm Regards,
Wendy Shelley
Community Volunteer

“You have not lived until you have done something for someone who can
never repay you”

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