Eisenbergs Skatepark closing March 31 in Plano

“Downtown Plano was dead when we got here; it was nothing but antique shops. We brought life to this part of Plano. The first day we opened, there was a mix of excited kids on wheels and antique mall shoppers. Our phone didn’t stop ringing all day with calls from the proprietors of the shops who were upset about all the kids.”
– Skate park owner Vicki Eisenberg

Downtown Plano had life pumped back into the heart of the area around the old Interurban train car when a skate park opened in the late 1990s. While kids were skating, parents hit the nearby downtown Plano shops, and with that downtown Plano sprouted back to life. Arlo Eisenberg, the guru of aggressive inline skating, became a Gold medal winner in the 1996 X Games. That was then, this is now. The skate park will be closing at the end of  2012, having been sold to make way for a commercial and residential development.

Take a look at Arlo, now owner of Gost clothing in California, back in 1996 at the Rollerblading Street Finals 1996:
Rollerblading Street Finals 1996

Interview with Arlo Eisenberg on Gost: http://youtu.be/2AGEuv3EXyE

Photo gallery

NBCDFW TV story on Eisenbergs closing near downtown Plano

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