Collin County’s contested commissioner, constable Republican Texas Primary results

Cheering on Dad

These two are growing up fast … just yesterday …

Thanks to Willis family and Susan Hayes Fletcher for sharing these day-in-the life moments

Vote for the candidates of your choice. Early voting is under way. Election Day is March 6.

Go to League of Women Voters for info on candidates.


Thank a Veteran


Fun times at the Turkish Cafe … Celebrating our Veterans and their selfless service to America, and the freedoms we enjoy every day. Thank you, to all who have served in our Armed Forces! A portion of the proceeds tonight will benefit the America’s Defenders Foundation. If you love your liberty, thank a VETERAN! SUSAN HAYES FLETCHER

Pictured: Cindy Maso, Maher Maso, Raed Maso, Susan Fletcher, Brian Fletcher and Mehmet Shon Celik – Photo courtesy fans of Turkish Cafe and Lounge.

Final Collin County election results


Collin County Election results: Who won?

The final election results for Collin County voting are in …

Who won?

Check it out. Please click on link to official results


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President United States of America

Donald Trump-Mike Pence, Republican 200395 votes, 55.22%

Clinton/Kaine, Democrat 139837 38.53%

Johnson/Weld LIB 13790 3.80%

Stein/Baraka GRN 2523 0.70%
Write-in Votes 6357 1.75%


Collin County – Public Hearing in Fairview on Monday night

Reminder: 2nd Public Hearing

6 p.m. TONIGHT, Monday, September 14 – Fairview

In August, the Collin County Commissioners Court voted unanimously to recommend a tax rate cut from 23.5 per $100 of property value down to 22.5 cents per $100 in property value, double our initial recommended tax cut.

After further consideration, the court determined that we could maintain our AAA bond rating with a healthy fund balance of at least 180 days of operating expenses, but also meet our county’s growing needs. Many thanks to our budget department for their diligence in creating a multitude of 5-year plans for us to consider as we labored over this decision.


Public Hearings on the FY2016 Budget and Tax Rate are as follows. Note that tonight’s meeting will be held at 6 p.m., so that citizens may have another option outside of normal work hours to attend and make public comments.

Monday, September 14 @ 6 p.m. – Public Hearing – Fairview Town Hall Council Chambers – 372 Town Place, Fairview, TX 75069

Monday, Sept. 21 @ 1:30 p.m. – Public Hearing, followed by the final vote – Commissioners Courtroom – 4th Floor, Jack Hatchell Administration Building – 2300 Bloomdale Road, McKinney, Texas 75071

The agenda for Monday’s Commissioners Court may be found HERE, as we will meet in regular session at 6:00 p.m. on Monday, Sept. 14, in the Fairview Town Hall – Council Chambers – 372 Town Place; Fairview, TX 75069.


In addition to the budget and tax rate discussions, among the court’s normal business, we will hear a presentation from our Engineering Department regarding our priority project list.

We will also discuss our future participation in the Northeast Texas Rural Rail Transportation District (NETEX) Board.

NETEX, formed in 1995, is a Rural Rail District controlling 65.6 miles of operational railroad and a total railroad corridor of 88.8 miles in Northeast Texas between the Titus-Franklin County line and Wylie. This line was originally the “C-branch” mainline of the St. Louis Southwestern Railway. Operator of the line is the Blacklands Railroad.

As always, my door remains open, and if you have any questions or concerns, please contact me either by replying to this e-mail or through my county e-mail address:

Serving the citizens of Precinct 1 and Collin County,

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State Rep. Scott Turner elects not to run again

State Rep. and former House Speaker candidate Scott Turner announced he will not seek election next time.

Scott Turner
Scott Turner

Scott Turner said: Dear friends,

Serving in the Texas House has been a tremendous honor, blessing, and privilege, and I am truly grateful for the trust and support of the great citizens of Collin and Rockwall Counties. Your prayers, encouragement, and steady involvement in the process are greatly appreciated.

As the Word says, there is a time and a season for everything. Today, I am announcing my plans not to seek re-election to the Texas House. In this new season for my family and me, I look forward to impacting our community, state, and nation through exciting opportunities in business, community service, ministry, and whatever path the Lord directs.

As one who loves people, serving as your State Representative has been one of the greatest honors in my life. From Rockwall, Heath, Royse City, McLendon-Chisholm, Rowlett and Fate … to Frisco, Anna, Farmersville, Josephine, Blue Ridge, Prosper, Wylie, and Celina, we have worked together to ensure that our conservative principles are well-represented in Austin. This district is blessed with so many wonderful people who represent the best of Texas and love their communities and state. What a privilege to be your voice!

Jeff Leach, Scott Turner, Ken Paxton, Van Taylor and Scott Sanford serve as local representatives in Austin.
Jeff Leach, Scott Turner, Ken Paxton, Van Taylor and Scott Sanford serve as local representatives in Austin.

I had the honor of serving with many good men and women in the Texas Legislature. And I especially want to thank my friends and colleagues who stood with me in January during my campaign for Speaker. I am also grateful for my staff who have faithfully and tirelessly served this district.

Scott Turner's day as Speaker
Scott Turner’s day serving as Speaker with local officials in front of him. 

My wife Robin is my rock, a steadfast and faithful encourager during every moment of my public service. I am also very proud of Solomon and appreciate how supportive he has been during my time away as I have served Texas. Solomon is a tremendous young man, and I look forward to investing even more time in his life as he enters high school this fall.

One chapter is closing for now, and I am beginning new chapters that I believe hold great promise and potential. Though my service as a state representative comes to an end, you can count on me to use my voice to remain involved and champion our shared conservative values. My term does not conclude until January of 2017, and I look forward to fully serving this district until that time.

Scott Turner
Scott Turner

Thank you again for the confidence you placed in me and for choosing me to serve as your State Representative. I’ll always be grateful.

Scott Turner

What do local officials have to say?

Jeff Leach: “Today my colleague, brother and friend, Scott Turner, announced that he will not seek re-election in 2016. A man of great faith, integrity and courage, Scott and his wife Robin and their son Solomon have become very special to the Leach family. It was the honor of a lifetime to serve the people of Texas alongside a man of his caliber and he will be immensely missed in the Texas Legislature.”

Susan Hayes Fletcher said: “This is a bitter sweet moment, as I treasure my friendship with Scott Turner and appreciate his service. … As I ponder this news, I can’t help but think that Frisco City Councilman John Keating would be an excellent State Representative!”

Patrick Fallon said: “Rep. Scott Turner just announced that he’s not seeking re-election. While I am sad to hear the news I want to thank him for his service to our state. And I can’t think of a better person to continue Scott’s work in Austin than Mayor Pro Tem of Frisco John Keating! John’s a proven conservative leader and would be a welcomed addition to our North Texas delegation!”

Photos of Scott Turner courtesy of State Rep. Scott Turner

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Chris Hill: Runoff Election Conservative Victory for Texas

Chris Hill
Chris Hill

By Chris Hill, County Commissioner

Yesterday’s primary runoff election results hold great promise for Texas and for Texans!

Congratulations to our Republican nominees for statewide offices:

  • Dan Patrick for Lieutenant Governor
  • Ken Paxton for Attorney General
  • Sid Miller for Agriculture Commissioner
  • Ryan Sitton for Railroad Commissioner

Here in Collin County, congratulations to Matt Shaheen for his victory in the Texas House District 66 Republican runoff, and congratulations to Susan Fletcher for her runoff victory for Precinct 1 commissioner.

Regardless of which candidate(s) you supported in the primary election, these are our Republican candidates for office, they are all my candidates for the general election, and I hope they will be your candidates as well! We are certainly blessed to have such fine folks to represent us here in North Texas.

I would also like to express my heartfelt appreciation to Mark Reid, who has served with excellence and integrity as the commissioner of Precinct 1 since his appointment last November. Mark will continue to serve with passion and with honor until his term expires in December.

Thank you also to Glenn Callison for his willingness to run for Texas House District 66. I commend Glenn (and all candidates) for being willing to make the sacrifices necessary to run for public office and serve our community.

Lastly, but most importantly, thank you to everyone who voted, and especially to everyone who volunteered their time and energy helping their favorite candidates.


For Texas,

Chris Hill, County Commissioner

Political advertisement paid for by County Commissioner Chris Hill

Collin County Primary Run-off Election results


Matt Shaheen won the Republican Primary Run-off
Team Matt Shaheen won the Republican Primary Run-off



SUSAN FLETCHER 54.0, Mark Reid 46.0

“I would like to take this time to thank the voters of Collin County for their vote and ultimately the trust they have placed in me to be the next elected Commissioner for Precinct 1,” Susan Hayes Fletcher said. “I am honored to have earned this trust and do not take it lightly. From day one, I was focused on running a positive issue-oriented campaign and that resonated with the citizens of Collin County. I would like to also thank my opponent, Mark Reid, for his service to the county. We need to honor those who are willing to step up and serve their community and encourage citizen participation. I would also like to thank the volunteers who gave of their time and treasure to make this campaign successful. They put their trust in me and I am proud of the campaign we ran. I look forward to the challenge ahead and ask for everyone to come together and keep making Collin County the Jewel of North Texas.


Republican Run-off

JOHN RATCLIFFE 54.93, Ralph Hall 45.07


Democrat Run-off

DAVID ALAMEEL 76.63, Kesha Rogers 23.37


Republican Run-off

 KEN PAXTON 69.91, Dan Branch 30.09


Republican Run-off

MATT SHAHEEN 53.8, Glenn Callison 46.2

“Robyn and I feel truly blessed for the victory tonight and are thankful to God,” Matt Shaheen said. “I want to thank the many volunteers, statewide organizations and State Representatives who stood with me in my fight for liberty. I am grateful for the outcome tonight and what’s to come!”


Republican Run-off

 DAN PATRICK 68.95, David Dewhurst 31.05


Republican Run-off

 RYAN SITTON 51.33, Wayne Christian 48.67

“With your support, we were able to win the runoff election for Railroad Commissioner,” Ryan Sitton said. “I can’t thank you enough for all your efforts on my behalf.

“We have a lot of work to do between now and the general election,” Sitton said. “I’m committed to working as hard as ever to earn every Texans’ vote. After all, it is important that every Texan is confident and proud of our energy industry and the Railroad Commission must be out in front representing you every day in a responsible way.

“I also want to thank Wayne Christian and his supporters for a spirited race,” Sitton said. “Wayne should be proud of his campaign and past service to our state. Thank you again for supporting me. Together we will make sure Texas leads America to becoming the global leader in energy.”



RICHARD FRIEDMAN 56.3, Jim Hogan 43.7


SID MILLER 62.28, Tommy Merritt 37.72,%202014%20Combined%20Election%20Day%20and%20Early%20Ballots%20-%20Accumulated%20Totals.pdf


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