John Keating, Brandon Burden win spots in March 25 runoff in Frisco TX special election to fill vacancy on city council

The votes are in for the Place 1 Special Election to fill a vacancy in Frisco TX, with John Keating receiving 45.72 percent of the votes cast Saturday. Keating will face Brandon Burden in a Place 1 city council seat runoff on March 25. The winner of the runoff to fill a vacancy on the Frisco city council will serve Place 1 through May 2018.
Keating had the strongest turnout in early voting, where he received 1,477 of his votes. On Saturday, he gained 532 to finish with 2,009 total votes.
Burden received 18.57 percent of the 4,394 total votes cast in the Frisco city council special election. Burden had 547 after early voting and gained 269 on special election day for 816 votes.
K.D. Warach had 226 votes Saturday, Feb. 18 after finishing early voting with 269. Warach ended with 495 for 11.27 percent.
Stanley Wang received 234 early votes, 130 on special election day and 364 total. He received 8.28 percent.
Only 4,394 votes out of Putting up signs doesn’t work these days. No one looks at the Election Sign Polution littering up the street corners. It still takes getting out your own friends and putting in time with civic clubs and public service on city boards along with making calls and meeting your neighbors.
As you can see, not all of their facebook friends turned out to vote, although they do have many of the same friends. There are 88,745 registered voters, including 51,483 in Collin County and 37,262 in Denton County.
Henry A. (Hal) Thomas gained 123 early votes and 49 Saturday for 172 and 3.91 percent. Dan Stricklin had 93 early votes, 68 more election day for 161 and 3.66 percent.
Stacy Plummer picked up 106 in early voting, 51 Saturday and 157 total for 3.57 percent.
Davon Vinci had 77 early votes, 40 Saturday and 117 total for 2.66 percent. John Redmond had 58 votes early, 45 on Saturday and 103 overall to finish with 2.34 percent.
In Frisco, Texas, in 2017, 2,984 votes were cast early.  The election came down to 1,410 votes on election day and 4,394 votes.
The 2017 General Election will be Saturday, May 6, 2017. The election will elect candidates to fill Place 5 and Place 6 on the City Council, as well as the position of Mayor.

For information regarding candidates who have filed for a place on the ballot or submitted campaign finance reports, please click on this link.

If you have any additional questions regarding the upcoming General Election, please feel free to email the City Secretary’s Office at or call 972-292-5020.

To candidates: If you want to do better next time, get in touch with Collin County Magazine’s Brian Bearden. We will interview you and tell your story on online and on video.
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