How bad do McKinney TX Seniors need transportation? Let’s hear from a Veteran in the Heart of the City – La’Shadion Shemwell

Transportation is a serious issue for Seniors and Veterans in McKinney, Texas.

Let’s hear from a McKinney Veteran.

La’Shadion Shemwell was the first to bring up this serious need in the race for McKinney City Council.

Not only that, La’Shadion Shemwell has been making sure Seniors and Veterans get to the grocery store, get transportation and get back home safely.

La’Shadion Shemwell is running for City Council – District 1 – Leadership for the Heart of the City.

La'Shadion Shemwell - Leadership in the Heart of the City
Not all Seniors have a way to the store.



La’Shadion Shemwell: ‘Leadership for the Heart of the City’ in McKinney TX – Vote Saturday, May 6

“Come Together Fight Back Tour”

McKinney City Council candidate La’Shadion Shemwell wants McKinney to “Come Together” to fight for Seniors, the poor, and especially the kids.

La’Shadion Shemwell puts good deeds behind his words when it comes to “Fighting for Seniors.” Shemwell is popular in McKinney for providing Leadership for the heart of the city.

La’Shadion Shemwell gives Seniors, the Poor, disabled and children a voice. He also sets a good example for children in McKinney, Texas.

The McKinney City Council election is Saturday, May 6.

Vote for the Candidate of your Choice.




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Singing McKinney TX Realtor La’Shadion Shemwell bringing Leadership to ‘Heart of the city’


Let’s take a minute to hear the rising voice of La’Shadion Shemwell – Candidate for City Council in the “Heart of the City” in McKinney, Texas.

Early voting runs through May 2.

Election day is May 6.


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