What’s the buzz at Learn 2 Live Green?

Discover Plano and CollinCounty365: Learn 2 Live Green (L2LG) is a FREE, fun, family event featuring exhibits, presentations on a variety of environmental topics, workshops, demonstrations, entertainment, green art and children’s activities. Green topics include:

– Fair Trade Shopping
– Energy
– Alternative Transportation
– Food & Agriculture
– Green Building & Remodeling
– Indoor Air Quality
– Lifestyle & Recreation
– Urban Gardening
– Waste Reduction
– Water Conservation

L2LG helps people:

* Learn about environmentally friendly day-to-day living.
* Explore information about renewable energy sources.
* Integrate environmental values with individual purchasing power.
* Support healthy ecosystems & sustainable neighborhoods.
* Adopt & model green living practices for others.


Video story by Brian Bearden for @CollinCounty365, CollinCountyHeadlines.com and ImpressMeMedia on April 14, 2012 using FlipShare.

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