Ebby finds home for new Prosper – Celina office on Preston Road #realestate


The Ebby Halliday Companies officially broke ground on their new Prosper | Celina Office on June 30. Members of Ebby’s current Prosper | Celina Office and company leadership gathered at the site of the new office at 1360 N. Preston Road in Prosper, for the ceremonial groundbreaking.

“This state-of-the-art office is being built for the future,” says Chris Kelly, president & CEO of the Ebby Halliday Companies, which includes real estate brands Ebby Halliday RealtorsDave Perry-Miller Real Estate and Williams Trew, as well as core-services companies Prosperity MortgageHome Team Insurance and Texas Premier Title. “It offers a superior location and is a statement of our commitment to serving this increasingly popular, fast-growing area for many years to come.”

“The new 7,500-square-foot stand-alone building will replace our current Prosper | Celina Office,” says Ebby Halliday Realtors Prosper | Celina Sales Leader Cathie Skinner. “Near the corner of Preston Road and Prosper Trail, our new office will offer a highly visible location and the latest in technology. Offering one convenient real estate experience, in addition to brokerage services it will also provide our valued clients with mortgage, title and insurance services.”

Ebby’s new Prosper | Celina Office will promote collaboration among sales associates and clients, as well as provide conference rooms, private offices and training areas.

The new office directly stems from one of Skinner’s favorite quotes, “With success comes growth.”

Since the Prosper | Celina Office’s inception in 2017 it has certainly had its share of success and growth.

“The agents of our Prosper | Celina Office have worked hard to build market share as well as an energetic, positive and collaborative culture that continues to attract talent,” Skinner says. “With our new office we will ensure that we have room for our current talent and those who join us. I couldn’t be prouder of this team’s professionalism, dedication and work ethic as we serve the residents of Prosper, Celina and greater North Texas.”

Skinner says Ebby’s new Prosper | Celina Office will offer area residents, those who may be considering calling the area their new home, and top-producing agents an opportunity to be a part of something special.

The new office, which is scheduled to open in the fall of 2020, is designed to continue to grow along with Prosper and Celina and to accommodate the ever-expanding number of agents who proudly serve the area.

Living a Life you Love, While Selling Your Home

Real Estate Advisor: December 2012

By Bob Goosmann

Living a Life you Love, While Selling Your Home

While you are looking to buy or to sell a home, life goes on – parties and holidays, life-events and out-of-town guests happen. Simply living in your home can be a challenge while you are showing it; keeping things neat and tidy, clean and inviting is not something everyone thinks of or can achieve with ease. So entertaining and decorating for special occasions might just seem impossible – but here are some tips and tricks for ensuring your success in showing a home and having fun, too. Celebrating holidays and events with festive décor can make your home more memorable to potential buyers, and this is the time to control those memories and turn them to your favor. There might even be a plus side to entertaining or hosting events in a home you are selling with the increased exposure.
What a time to host a party! In addition to all those things you’ve done to show it to perspective buyers, now you and your friends get to enjoy it, too. With each room looking great, your guests might get a last chance to see you in your old place. All those fine features of your home can shine under the warm glow you bring to your special event. From where you place focal features of the season or event, to showing your great dining area or garden feature in all its glory, this can be the time to stage your home with a bit of glitz.

Décor: When “Less is More”

The splendor of each holiday, regardless of your customs or heritage, can bring quantities of clutter into a home, making rooms feel smaller and more crowded. Be aware of the scale of items you bring in, and consider taking other items out. You can redecorate again after the events are over. Remember, this is still your home, and you can have the fun while also making smart choices to sell it.
Choose decorations to showcase great features of the home – if you have a high ceiling with crown molding, following the lines of a holiday tree can illuminate this asset. However, if the room is small, ensure that the tree you choose does not overpower the space; consider a tasteful table-top tree with smaller ornaments, it will be easier to set up and to take down, too. Home-made decorations may be beautiful, but consider the over-all look before unpacking everything. You get to be strategic as well as nostalgic this year. An unusual home-made item might be just the thing that keeps your home in people’s mind, but make it a favorable memory for them as well as for you.
Hosting events in your home, especially around the holiday season, creates a natural time for good smells. People won’t laugh that you are luring them in with cookies, because many people really do a lot of baking during the season. However, watch out for overpowering smells of other food and scented candles that can make it seem like you are masking odors.
During the winter months, live greens are wonderful smelling, but present issues if your home is dry and warm – the browning needles may drop from trees and garlands, so ensure you have a broom or vacuum handy and keep that live tree watered well. Each activity or decorating choice will be more important because the space is essentially open to potential buyers.
If you are selling your home during a busy season of entertaining and holidays, here are the key things to watch out for:

  1. Timing of the party – Weekends are prime time for showing a home – having a party at the beginning or middle of the week allows for time for decorating and clean up, with potentially fewer showings being impacted by your plans. When this is not possible, you must decide if having the party in your home is worth giving up the weekend showings. Consider consulting with your real estate agent to find out trends in your area when choosing time of the day or week for entertaining. You might find that doing a luncheon mid-week makes sense; if you can be flexible, look at options for the timing of your event – there are trade-offs and advantages to each.
  2. Guest List – managing the impact to your home sometimes comes down to managing the size of your event. When possible, it is a good idea to look critically at the guest list. In addition to deciding if the event needs to be small or large, plan the party around the people, as well as the event you are celebrating. Not only is this good entertaining smarts, but practical, too. If the guests are young, they might not be so worried about their surroundings and would be happy in a decked-out garage. or outside – saving worry about spills and mess on carpets. Some guests might have special needs – they have to avoid stairs or require certain seating, dictating what rooms will need to be used. As you see to the needs of your guests, do a mental check about how their needs will impact your preparation and cleanup.
  3.  Overnight Guests – if you cannot book them in a hotel, making some simple changes in advance to reduce the impact of their stay, and encouraging them to be co-conspirators in your efforts to keep things tidy will keep things flowing smoothly. Provide small covered hampers for soiled clothing, baskets for sundry items on dressers, empty drawers and closets so they can stow items easily will aid your efforts. When guests have to sleep on couches or hide-away beds, plan to have helpers tidy the room in the morning and set up accommodations again each night. Explain in advance that you might be doing this, if your guests are used to being able to spread out without a care; an honest word of your desire to host, while stressing the importance of selling your home can make a lot of difference. But beware: when guest items are stowed out of the way, things might get left behind. You can help your guests (and yourself) by going through the area carefully before they leave, tidying up as you go.
  4. Birthday and other Bashing – let’s face it, the wilder the entertaining, the harder it is to rein things in and the more likely to have messes. Knowing and accepting this in advance is key to having a successful event while showing your home. Consider toning it down, or embracing it by making some changes to the décor and the way you normally do things. It is one of the trade-offs when entertaining during the showing period of selling your home. Here are some tips from the pros:
    • Clear surfaces and cover them with protective decorations – placemats, table runners, trivets, coasters, and throw rugs can make a home look festive, while being easy to remove (gather them in a big laundry basket when you are done with the event).
    • Party-proofing can save some worry. You will be able to clean easier if you pack up some of the more breakable items, and when you do so, you can decide what to put back. Consider it a second chance to remove any clutter and to actually re-stage your home.
    • Hire a helper – having a responsible person (or two!) in the kitchen who can take charge of garbage, dishes, pots and pans, ensuring food is stocked and plates are cleared. Or even consider having the event catered, and then your kitchen won’t be impacted by cooking. After the party, help with cleaning and returning your home to show-able condition will be most welcome.
    • Serve food and drink that are easy and less messy – chocolate, red wine and tomato sauce may be favorites, but consider that messes and accidents can be tough to clean up. If the menu has to include items like this, consider where and how you serve them. Keeping the chocolate fountain on an easy to wipe surface, in an area without rugs, might just make it all the tastier. Or, go for pre-dipped treats where the chocolate is still delicious, just hardened and less likely to stain something. Have clean-up supplies handy, and be ready to use them with a smile.
    • Catering services or bringing in pre-made food from restaurants enables you to keep the kitchen clean and aids in reducing odors in your home. If specific family recipes must be cooked, consider cooking them in a friend’s kitchen, or hiring someone who will cook from a family recipe.
    • Decorations that can be put up and taken down easily score big points. Balloons can make a big splash, and deflate to nothing, plus guests love to take them away. Streamers everywhere might look pretty, but tape and ladders can be an issue. If you must go this way, have a plan and create the time to take them down in a timely manner.
    • Maybe that piñata is not such a great idea – or how about breaking it in an area that is easier to clean? Oh, and confetti? If tradition dictates practice, then you probably know how to get it up quickly and efficiently with a high-powered vacuum. But do you really need it? Soap bubbles might seem fun, but they leave a sticky residue that tends to attract dirt to carpets. Nix bubbles, too, if you can.

All good things must come to an end: be timely in taking things down. If you can’t avoid going over the top with the party trimmings, have a plan for how and when things will return to normal. If you are keeping decorations or lights up throughout a season or holiday, do a quality job with them. After all, using hooks you leave in place all year long so that putting up the lights is easier can be a benefit to someone who notices detail. And those same tasteful decorations can add glow to the best features of your home.
While your event might cause you to improve lighting on the outside of your home, balloons and excess cans for trash pick up don’t improve your curb appeal. Ensure that you have a plan for dealing with recycling and garbage – both during and after the event. It is important that it doesn’t look like there’s inadequate room for you recycling or trash. Plan to remove it promptly, even if your city pickup is a few days away.
So in the end, holidays and events that are well planned and executed might be just the thing to do. You don’t really have to stop entertaining – you just have to be smarter about it. Enjoy your home, show it off to groups of people, and still live a life you love. Keeping the tips in mind, you are guaranteed to be off to a great time.

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Trulia lists these five Zipcodes as the most popular in September for Collin County.

1. 75070 – $306,475 average

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5. 75025 – $274,838


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Collin County Magazine parade of homes – May 2012

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Long Cove Court in Allen http://www.realtor.com/realestateandhomes-detail/428-Long-Cove-Ct_Allen_TX_75002_M80703-53812?ex=TX548109323&agtid=419708   
Cozy condo in Plano on Spring Creek Parkway at Custer Road next
 to elementary school, city park, bike trail and near dog park. For sale.
Owner financing available. For rent – Move in this week.


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Rich Dad’s ‘Get smarter with your money’ in Frisco on Saturday

By Brian Bearden, bbearden@acnpapers.com
Robert Kiyosaki, author of the “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” book series, sees a dark cloud ahead because of taxes, especially on real estate.
He also sees now as a great time to build a fortune.
“I have never invested so heavily since the last recession,” Kiyosaki said in a telephone interview. “This is the time to find deals. The prices are low. But the biggest thing we are watching right now is taxes.”
But, most people are sitting on the sidelines instead of investing. He says that’s because many lack in education thanks to public schools when it comes to money. The author of Rich Dad’s Conspiracy of the Rich: The 8 New Rules of Money” said that new taxes on real estate could be a bigger problem for the economy than health care as the federal government reaches out for more money. To solve that problem, Robert and Kim Kiyosaki and his team will be in Frisco for a one-day live event April 24 at the Embassy Suites Dallas/Frisco Hotel & Convention Center at 7600 John Q. Hammons Drive off Parkwood Drive off the tollway and north of 121.
“It is time to stop giving people fish,” Kiyosaki said, going to lessons he learned in Sunday school. “It is time to teach people to fish and give them the power to solve their own financial problems.”
Kiyosaki said that you can tell poor people from rich people by the way they talk.
The poor say “I’ll never be rich. I’m not interested in money. The government should take care of people.”
The middle-class say “I’ve got a high-paying, secure job. My home is my biggest investment. I’m investing in a well-diversified portfolio of mutual funds.”
Kiyosaki said the rich say “I’m looking for good employees to work for me. I’m looking for a cash-flowing hundred-unit apartment house to buy. My exit strategy is to take my company public via an IPO. We do become our words.”

The Rich Dad writer said his Rich Dad believed that 90 percent of the wealth can be owned by just 10 percent because the other 90 percent have given themselves poor educations when it comes to money.

That is an even bigger problem now because Kiyosaki said old industries are dying, taxes will rise, the United States is the biggest debtor nation, China is threatening the reserve status of the U.S. dollar, American consumers are loaded with debt and strapped for cash and unemployment is rising and because technology is invisible and inexpensive, you can do more with fewer employees. And, frugality is now cool.

“This will only add fuel to the economic crisis,” Kiyosaki said. “When we as a country stop spending, unemployment rises and small businesses fail.

“Rather than feel fear, my friend Donald Trump and I are preparing for the challenges and tough times ahead. We have gone through tough times before. Each time we have come out smarter and even richer.”
Kiyosaki said wealth is stolen through expenses: 1. Taxes. 2. Debt. 3. Inflation. 4. Retirement plans.
To build wealth, Kiyosaki said his plan is to
1. Invest in B-Class apartment buildings that are safe, clean and affordable for people who work.
2. He buys in areas where there are jobs. “We own apartment houses in Texas and Oklahoma where there are jobs in the oil industry. We do not own anything in Detroit, where jobs are leaving and real estate values are dropping.”
3. He owns property where there are natural or government constraints. “We own apartments where there is a no-growth boundary around the city. In other words, the city cannot spread out any farther.”
4. He said his strength is he has been in the same business for years and built a solid reputation. “This gives us credibility as good operators, even in a bad market. Great deals come to us because the banks trust us and send us deals that other investors can’t get the financing for.”
5. He said the key is staying with what he knows. “We do not invest in office buildings or shopping centers. That is not the business we are in.”
Kiyosaki predicts life will become more expensive because of the increase in taxes, debt, inflation and retirement costs.
“Raising taxes forces people to live with more debt since more and more of your money goes to the government to fund programs. Credit cards will become more essential for daily survival. People without access to credit will slip below the poverty line.
“President Obama is already talking about raising taxes on people earning more than $250,000 a year. He is hiring more IRS agents to enforce tax collections. Taxing employer-sponsored health benefits to provide for those who do not have health benefits means that more businesses will be closing due to rising operational expenses and that there will be more unemployment.”
Even worse he says is going after real estate.
“If the government reduces the tax deductions for interest on mortgages for families making over $250,000 a year, the second home real estate market will collapse. Housing prices will fall even more.”
He says the new rules of money are:
1. Money is knowledge
2. Learn how to use debt
3. Learn to control cash flow
4. Prepare for bad times and you will only know good times
5. The need for speed
6. Learn the language of money
7. Life is a team sport. Choose your team carefully.
8. Since money is becoming worth-less and less, learn to print your own.

Just don’t ask him if your house is an asset.

“My poor dad said his house was an asset. My rich dad said his house was a liability. So many people are in financial trouble now because they refer to their liabilities as assets. Even our political leaders refer to liabilities as assets. My rich dad said “assets put money in your pocket without you working. Liabilities take money from your pocket, even when you’re working.”

For discount tickets, go to the Frisco Chamber of Commerce Web site at http://www.friscochamber.com. Punch in the word “Frisco.”

7 – 8 a .m. – Registration Exhibition Hall opens
8 – 9:30 a.m. – Robert Kiyosaki LIVE on stage Arena
9:30 – 9:45 a.m. – Introduction of featured speakers Arena
9:45 – 10:45 a.m. – Networking Exhibit Hall
10:45 – 11:30 a.m. – Break-out Sessions
11:45 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. – Break-out Sessions
12:30 – 1 p.m. – Networking/lunch Exhibit Hall
1:00 – 2:30 p.m. – Robert Kiyosaki with his Rich Dad Advisors Arena
2:30 – 3:30 p.m. – Networking Exhibit Hall
3:30 – 5: p.m. – Robert Kiyosaki with his Rich Dad Advisors Arena


How to “Rent Stocks” to Produce 3-6% Per Month Cash Flow Regardless of Market Direction
Joseph Hooper and Aaron Zalewski of Compound Stocks Earnings

Compound Stock Earnings principals Joseph Hooper and Aaron Zalewski are nationally syndicated radio talk shows hosts, investors, financial educators and authors of the all time best selling book on its topic “Covered Calls and LEAPS: A Wealth Option”.

Robert Kiyosaki wrote the foreword to “Covered Calls and LEAPS: A Wealth Option” declaring it a “Brilliant book… that makes investing for cash flow simple… This strategy is about a class of investor that likes to win, not gamble.”

In their revolutionary philosophy of “growth through cash flow”, Compound Stock Earnings demonstrates how writing covered calls against stocks the correct way provides 3 – 6% per month consistent cash flow – regardless of market direction. This cash flow can provide income in retirement or, alternatively, can be reinvested on a monthly basis to dramatically compound the growth of a stock portfolio.

Those familiar with Robert Kiyosaki’s work are aware that mutual funds are the investment vehicles of the poor. The rich invest for cash flow and the CSE Covered Call technique is how you turn your IRA, 401(k), cash account or current stock portfolio into a monthly cash flow generating asset.

The break out seminar will be presented by CSE Principals Joseph Hooper and Aaron Zalewski.

Energize Your Investments with Money in the Ground
Michael J. Mauceli and Wayne Kirk of REEF Oil and Gas

This morning reef introduced us to the world of oil and gas investing. You learned about the potential scams and risks involved. Plus, you got insight into the huge benefits available. It’s easy to see why so many people are “energizing their investments!” In this seminar you’ll dive even deeper into the nuts and bolts of oil and gas. Just how potentially lucrative is oil and gas investing? What kinds of investments are available? What is the risk/reward in each case? What are the tax benefits? How are these investments funded? Don’t miss this chance to get the answers you need to make informed decisions, and find out why participating in energy can be the opportunity you’ve been looking for to diversify and balance your portfolio.

It’s All About Lifestyle-Creating Predictable Income and Protecting What You Have!
Erin Botsford of Lifestyle Driven Investing

Creating your preferred lifestyle is not about achieving a “Number.” It’s not about “Asset Allocation” or “Couch Potato Portfolios” – It’s about creating a regular, predictable income stream to finance your lifestyle. Creating wealth is also not enough; you need to protect your wealth from both economic and other financial risks if you are to achieve your goals.

Learn from Erin Botsford, one of America’s Top Financial Advisors, how to create regular, predictable income from traditional paper assets, and how to mitigate risks the financial markets and life throw at you. Learn the concepts of “Lifestyle Driven Investing”™ and why traditional asset allocation models won’t take you where you want to go. You will be exposed to the proprietary techniques and comprehensive process Erin has developed for her elite clients. This is a rare opportunity to hear an advisor who specializes in managing and counseling high net worth individuals regarding their financial affairs.

Who Says Banks Are Not Lending?
Blake Yarborough of Capital Concepts

Learn the financing secrets that allowed Blake Yarborough to buy 24 investment properties in the last year which produce $10,000 a month cash flow. Down Markets are the time to buy with the largest profit margins. With the right financing techniques and programs YOU CAN buy enough cash flowing real estate to Retire. You will learn how to move beyond the limitations of conventional financing. In addition our partners can help you locate properties to accomplish your goals.

Beating the Odds Like a Pro – How to Protect Your Wealth and Score Big in the Next Market Drop!
Phil Storer of Dillon Gage, Inc.

It’s become evident in recent years that individuals need to take personal control of investing and not rely on safety in numbers, says Phil Storer, based on his forty years of experience. “For too long, we’ve believed there was security for us if our money was in a mutual fund or a 401K mix,” he says.

His seminars will show why that isn’t necessarily so, and present simple, practical ways for individuals to protect their investments and actually profit from a downturn in the market. His new book, Chalk Talks for Traders – Easy Xs and Os from a Proven Market Pro, will supplement the sessions with proven ways and mechanics to recognize market changes.

How to Survive and Thrive in This Credit Economy
Rodney Anderson of Supreme Lending

Truth is, there’s no secret to spending and saving wisely. Living a financially secure lifestyle is as simple as taking proven steps, today, to solve past credit missteps while also preparing for a financially successful future. Others have done it. Anyone can do it. So can you. You just need someone to show you how, On April 24th, Rodney Anderson does just that. He’ll be available to tackle tough topics such as how to navigate through marriage, divorce, bankruptcy, foreclosure, dealing with collection agencies, the dangers and pitfalls of online shopping, protecting consumers identities, and many other topics that get to the heart of America’s financial and credit meltdown. A consumer credit expert, host of CBS Radio’s Saving Your Financial Life with Rodney Anderson and the creator of the Medical Debt Relief Act of 2009, HR3421, Rodney Anderson provides people of all ages and levels of experience with a powerful set of strategies for surviving the current credit crunch and solving a wide range of common credit problems. Whether you’re facing foreclosure, bankruptcy, mounting debt, or you’re looking for ways to overcome the past and secure your financial future, Rodney will show you how to:

•Deal with collection agencies.
•Prepare for marriage or divorce.
•Reduce your dependence on credit.
•Defend against the deceptive practices of credit card companies.
•Create and adhere to a budget.
•Pick the right mortgage lender and Realtor.
•Understand the credit reporting and credit scoring systems.
•Effectively monitor your credit.
•Improve your credit score.
•Rebuild credit after bankruptcy or foreclosure.
The truth is, we live in a credit economy. With over 25 years of experience advising real people on their very real credit problems, Rodney Anderson possess an intricate understanding of what it takes to manage money effectively and to take control of one’s financial life. Don’t miss this opportunity!

Cash flow/Income Generation Strategies for High Net Worth
Mark Sormberger of Portfolio Cash Flow Management

Portfolio Cash Flow Management (PCFM) is an SEC Registered Investment Advisory Firm that specializes in cash flow / income generation strategies for high net worth clients.

Investors that may benefit from PCFM’s services include:

1.Existing stock holders: PCFM implements a proprietary income generation strategy that creates a monthly cash flow from a client’s existing stock portfolio, without selling the stocks. Rather than watch your stock positions simply rise and fall with the markets, investors can transfer those positions into the management of PCFM and receive a monthly income stream from their assets. The income stream / cash flow can be generated without selling the stock positions. PCFM has averaged approximately 3% per month cash flow from its clients existing stock positions to date.
2.Cash to invest: For those with cash to invest, PCFM also implements another proprietary income generation strategy. This strategy involves producing monthly cash flow for the client, without the need for the client to own an underlying portfolio of stocks. The income stream can be withdrawn on a monthly basis to provide cash flow for living expenses or can be re-invested each month to grow the asset base and income level of the account.
Portfolio Cash Flow Management (PCFM) is an SEC Registered Investment Advisory Firm and offers its services to qualified investors only.

Rich Dad Education’s Learn to Be Rich™ Workshop
Brian Wilkes of Rich Dad Education

Learn to Be Rich™ was developed to help you end the stress of money worries by showing you multiple ways you can create cash flow using the same “Golden Rules” the rich have used again and again to building their wealth. No matter what your current financial situation, at our Rich Dad Education Workshop you’ll discover precise, profitable methods you can use RIGHT NOW to build wealth – including how to:

•Pick the “Low-Hanging Fruit” in Today’s Foreclosure Market
•Buy Cash Flow Property for Pennies on the Dollar
•Fund Your Investments Using OPM (Other People’s Money)
•Increase Your Financial Knowledge to Overcome the Fears that Hold You Back
In today’s changing economy, you need this information! Remember, KNOWLEDGE IS MONEY. Be sure to attend the Rich Dad Education Learn to Be Rich breakout session presented by Brian Wilkes.

Secrets to Overcoming Obstacles and Taking Action
Monnica Manuel of Rich Dad Coaching

Everyone wants to be successful. What is it that sets the real achievers apart from the dreamers? What has kept you from taking action? For 9 years Rich Dad Coaching has helped thousands of clients create and implement successful investing plans around real estate, entrepreneurship, paper assets and more.

Get introduced to the formula that Rich Dad Coaches use in helping their clients start doing the things necessary to make their dreams of success a reality.

Short Sales: A Profitable Tool for Investing in Today’s Real Estate Market
Gina and Tom Branch of Remax Dallas Suburbs
Join us for an introduction to Short Sales and how investors can take advantage of current single-family housing market conditions. Topics to be covered include an overview of the short sale process, the cash flow model, and legal pitfalls to avoid.

How to find Texas Foreclosures Fast and Easy
George Roddy Sr of Foreclosures Listings Services
Foreclosure Listing Services provides a complete monthly listing of foreclosures for 25 counties from the Red River to San Antonio. For 4 decades, FLS has been the leading source for Texas Foreclosure Data. Including monthly foreclosures lists, auctions lists, post-bankruptcy alert lists for 73 countries and statewide REO database with more than 6,000 bank owned commercials and residential properties. FLS is web based and properties can be viewed, printed and downloaded to excel files.

Seven Principles of Building Wealth Through Real Estate
Stephen Davis of Lifestyles Unlimited
Stephen will be live at this event to discuss the 7 principles that his students and members use to run their families and businesses and can answer your questions about how you can use real estate to build wealth and passive income streams for you and your family.

Lifestyles Unlimited’s students own thousands of single-family rent houses and hundreds of apartment complexes across Texas and the US. In three of the last four years, the National Apartment Association has named a Lifestyles student as owner of the year. Their success is due in large part to the hands on mentoring available at Lifestyles Unlimited.

by Ernie Brown of KRLD

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with Tom Wheelwright


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