Joe Jaynes on early voting

Dear Friends,

Early voting starts this Monday, May 14th and runs through Friday, May 25th ending with Election Day on May 29th.

Every candidate on the ballot deserves our thanks and respect, especially during this prolonged and grueling primary season. Listed below are a few candidates who I think will do an excellent job if elected. I encourage you to take a look at them:

Ken Paxton has served us well in the Texas House and is a good friend of mine. He will be a strong advocate for us in the Texas State Senate.

Scott Sanford is running for Ken Paxton’s House seat. Scott is a solid family man with the right convictions, and he will do what he believes is right for Collin County. I would encourage you to support Scott for the Texas House.

Ray Eckenrode is a lifelong McKinney resident who has served on 18 different boards and commissions over the last 10 years. He understands our needs. He is a businessman and a family man. I have known him for many years, and I believe he will serve us well on the commissioners’ court.

Terry Box is a friend and the best Sheriff in Texas. Anyone who can set state records by going 24 straight years in passing jail certifications is deserving of another term.

Collin County is blessed to have so many fine candidates. The races for the judgeships are especially difficult to call due to the high quality candidates in each race.

I would encourage you to consider all the candidates running and make your choice. However, the most important choice you can make is to go out and vote.


Joe Jaynes


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Election 2012: Ray Eckenrode on values

By Ray Eckenrode
My wife Megan and I have been blessed to grow up in the heart of Collin County. This is home.

We met in Junior High here, graduated High School here, and after returning from Texas Tech and A&M, respectively, we were married and are now raising three beautiful little girls here. This is home and it’s a great place to grow a family, build friendships, start a business, and “do life.” This community has provided us with faith, family, friends, and plenty of opportunities to serve.

Collin County is one of the most vibrant, growing counties in our State. I want to keep it that way. Our citizens deserve leaders who have the ability to understand current issues and the capacity to bring forward fiscally conservative ideas and initiatives. Our citizens deserve leaders who are open, transparent, and available. Quite simply, you deserve leaders who can truly lead.

I know how to get things done and have a strong and lengthy track record of leadership in our County. I value the people here. I value transportation – the ability to get in and around our county safely. I value safety. I value building partnerships to maximize Taxpayer’s dollars. I value a thriving business community that keeps our tax rate low and broadens options for work and free time.

I respectfully ask for your support and vote in the upcoming Republican Primary to allow me the privilege of representing the citizens of Collin County as the Precinct 3 County Commissioner.

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Ray Eckenrode in race for county commissioner

Pictured above: Ray Eckenrode and his wife of nine years, Megan, have three daughters. 
At the public announcement, more 20 family members attended along with friends
and supporters from childhood, college, church, civic, and business relationships.  

Managing partner of Appian Commercial Realty in race for Joe Jaynes’ seat 
     Ray Eckenrode, Founder and Managing Partner of Appian Commercial Realty, announced his candidacy for the Collin County Commissioner position to be vacated next year by longtime public servant, Commissioner Joe Jaynes. The primary for the Republican nomination will be held in March and the general election will be held in November, 2012.  

    Eckenrode said, “Collin County and Precinct 3 have been well-represented by Commissioner Joe Jaynes for over a decade. His effective leadership and successful progress in the areas of transportation, expansion, infrastructure improvements, and creating beneficial partnerships between cities should be continued. Collin County is truly one of the best places to live and I am committed to sustaining and the quality of life our citizens enjoy. 

    “I believe my success as a business entrepreneur and a community leader uniquely qualify me for this position,” he said. “I look forward to earning the opportunity to serve and represent Precinct 3.”
    Eckenrode, a 22-year Collin County resident, is a fiscal conservative, proven businessman, and well-respected corporate citizen. 
    He currently serves as a Commissioner of McKinney’s Planning and Zoning Board, sits on the Medical Center of McKinney’s Board of Trustees, the Board of Directors of the McKinney Chamber, and the McKinney Education Foundation’s Board of Directors. 
    Past community involvements include Chairman of the McKinney Community Development Corporation, President of the McKinney A&M Club, and member of the Board of Directors for Avenues Counseling.

    Eckenrode graduated with honors from Texas A&M with a degree in Finance. Prior to real estate, he was an Account Executive and Partner Manager for EMC, one of the world’s leading data storage and software companies, with a client list including J.C.Penney, ExxonMobil, and Bank of America. In 2003, he was one of the youngest brokers in the nation to receive the CCIM (Certified Commercial Investment Member) designation.

    “I grew up in Collin County along with my wife. We went to school here, graduated from McKinney High, and then returned after college to live in McKinney and raise our family. Our parents, grand parents, siblings, and their children are part of our daily lives. Collin County is and will always be our home.”

McKinney takes on Hotter ‘N Hell

McKinney’s Jeff Fene Wins at Hotter n Hell, 2011

By J.B. Blocker

Somewhere in the Middle East: A group of soldiers from operation Desert Storm are dreaming of going home. Who is waiting for them? What they are going to do?

One will climb a mountain, another will train for running a marathon, Field Artillery Officer Jeff Fene thinks about it. “I think I’ll ride Hotter N Hell!” is his contribution.
It’s a Texas thing, Hotter n Hell. It is made up of as many as 15,000 riders in 5 Classes participating in a 100K to 100+mile bicycle race that is hosted by Wichita Falls every Labor Day. On any given year the temperatures plummet to cold and windy conditions with rains that sometimes feel like pellets. The next 10 years may compete for the hottest place on earth.
It is extreme!
That pledge to run HnH was made 21 years and 21 races ago! Now retired Captain Fene works for Dell as a program manager currently installing programming in Maryland where he trains on rolling hills and mountainous routes. Jeff is 48 years young, and riding the Masters 40-plus Class representing McKinney Velo.

“About 2.8 miles from the finish another rider broke away. I knew I had to make my move. There was a lot of suffering involved! By the time I had reached the overpass, I knew that my training in Maryland was going to pay off. I went for it and when I hit the last three block stretch, I knew I would have my first win ever!”
“The win was a total team effort. The McKinney Velo racers systematically wore the other racers out over the course of the race. Numbers and team tactics added an advantage.  McKinney Velo is a true team that inspires that team spirit in ways from tactics lessons from Steve Weber, to putting the team winnings towards a charity at the end of the season and team party.  
  I often say “I have trained my whole life for days like this day”.  Though it may get a laugh, to me it means that today is always dependent upon the things I have and haven’t done in all the days before this day.
 Even if some days it means: taking on an occasional sip or two of Jim Beam, doing things with the family,  doing nothing, or riding the McKinney Velo Training ride.”

McKinney Mayor Brian Loughmiller: “Hotter than Hell was exactly that by mid-morning.  When we got in our car to drive back to McKinney, the temperature on my friend’s car registered a cool 117 degrees.  If you can imagine riding a bicycle with someone pointing a blow dryer at your face, that is what the last 10 miles was like.  John Roach timed in at 4 hours 58 minutes I did 5 hours 15 minutes.  It was still fun in a crazy kind of way.”

John Roach, District Judge Collin County (pictured at left): “Brian and I rode 100 miles. Yes, we are avid- riders. Interestingly, we both are training for the Ironman Arizona triathlon. It consists of a 2.4-mile swim, 112-mile bike ride and a 26.- mile run. Ironman triathlons are probably the most difficult endurance events around. Ironman Arizona is November 20th. This will be my second Ironman and Brian’s first.”

Ray Eckenrode, McKinney Velo member and candidate for County Commissioner: McKinney made a great showing this year at the Hotter n Hell in Wichita Falls. Over 30 members of the club rode in various skill levels ranging from Category 1 to 5. It was a great over night weekend! We left midday Friday, bunked up with five or six to a room, hit the road before the sun, and were home in time for Saturday dinner.
I was privileged to ride with 14 members of our club in the Cat 4/5 race. The distance was 100K or about 62 miles. These kinds of weekends are good clean fun and really get your competitive juices up!
I’ve got to hand it to McKinney’s mayor, who is still healing from broken ribs, and Judge Roach, who took on the 100-plus mile ride to prepare them for Arizona Ironman this November. By the time they rolled in, the sun was blazing.

McKinney Velo is a competitive cycling organization whose members share a passion for racing and a strong commitment to making a difference in the local community. Members compete across multiple disciplines including; Road, Triathlons, Mountain Bike, Velodrome, Duathlons and Cyclocross.The team is focused on cultivating a cycling culture in the Greater McKinney area through teaching safe and responsible cycling while also supporting individuals new to the sport of cycling; encouraging active and healthy lifestyles; and actively supporting local charities.

Team Velo is fully committed to be exceptional stewards of our sponsors’ brand and image on and off the bicycle. MVC will obtain positive exposure at charitable events, races, in print, on the roads and on the podium.
What does McKinney Velo do:
Sponsors Bike Rodeos for Children in conjunction with Richardson Bike Mart, the McKinney Independent School District, McKinney Police Dept. and McKinney Fire Dept. Adopt-A-Highway: Volunteer to clean roadside each quarter. Designated road is located South of the McKinney Airport MS 150 Frisco to Fort Worth in early May: Raise funds and ride along the route to support participants Supports McKinney High School Cycling Team 

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