First Prosper Founding Heritage Citizenship Award winner

In the picture, Jim and Betty Hughes admire the children’s art display at the 1st annual Prosper Founders Day Celebration.

The Prosper Founding Heritage Citizenship Award
is given to someone who ersonifies a lifetime of service to the Prosper community in the kind and generous pirit of our founding families. On May 21st, the first award was presented to James Albert (Jim) Hughes.

Jim Hughes is a third generation “Prosperite.” His great-grand parents came to Texas in covered wagons in the late 1890s and settled in the Prosper area to farm the fertile black land prairie.

His mother, Oberia Mae Johnson and father, T.M. Hughes, Sr., were also farmers.

While attending Prosper schools, both parents were very active in the athletic program. Oberia played on the famous 1923 women’s basketball team: the team was undefeated during the four years of area competition. T.M. played on the 1929 baseball team.

After their marriage they became very active in the community, school, and church. Serving on committees, School Board. P.T.O, and Organizing and serving on the Board of the Co-Op Cotton Gin. They were always willing to serve anyone!

As early settlers, the Hughes and Johnson families left a great heritage and legacy to Prosper and the Community. Through the years both families have been exemplary examples of loyalty, leadership, honesty, and integrity. They have been dedicated to serving the community and others. They developed a strong work ethic that was passed down to their children. Jack; T.M., Jr.; Jim; and Jerry Ann,

Jim Hughes exhibits all of these attributes of his heritage.

Ø Graduated from Prosper High School where he excelled in baseball, basketball and football,
Ø Attended Sam Houston State were he played baseball and basketball.
Ø Drafted by the Detroit Tigers, a professional baseball team; and later managed Minor League baseball teams.

Ø After serving a brief time in the US Army, he scouted for The New York Mets.
Ø From 1989 to 2002 he became scouting supervisor for the Toronto Blues.
Ø In 1997, Jim was named to the Texas Scout Association Hall of Honor.
Ø In 1995, Jim and his wife Betty (Hodges) moved back to Jim’s home place on Lane Street, in Prosper.

Since returning to Prosper, Jim has become the ‘Good Samaritan of Prosper,’ spending countless hours serving the town’s citizens constantly seeking ways to help the community.

Ø He mows yards for the elderly and sick.
Ø Mows ditches and vacant lots to keep the town looking neat and clean.
Ø Cuts and hauls limbs and other debris from yards, homes and churches.
Ø Delivers Meals on Wheels, and provides transportation for doctor appointments and hospital visits.

His service to Prospers senior citizens is equal to none. If you ask anyone in Prosper who knows Jim, “What does Jim Hughes do?” The answer is more like, “What doesn’t he do?”

He and Betty attend and support most events in the community. They are avid supporters of all sport events of the school. They rarely miss a game. (He does sneak in a game of hand ball too!)

Jim is one of the founders and supporters of the Prosper Historical Society and Museum. He has served on the Board of Directors for the last four years. His contribution to the establishment and development of the museum is superb and irreplaceable.

Jim and Betty have two children, Lequita Kinder and Marty Matthew, three grandchildren and three great grandchildren.

He has been true to his family heritage; a lifetime of service, dedication, loyalty, integrity, and commitment to the betterment and preservation of the Town of Prosper.

He is a true “Home-grown Boy” who has excelled in the world and has returned to serve his community unselfishly.
The first Prosper Founding Heritage Citizenship Award was presented by Joey Womble, Chairman of the Prosper Chamber of Commerce and Judy Rucker, president of the Prosper Historical Society.

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