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Douglas Reeves is sounding an alarm when it comes to losing local control in Plano, Texas. Reeves, an Army veteran, and founder and director of My Brothers’ Helper, a non-profit that links disabled adults with employers, is taking on congestion, overcrowded schools and wants to keep crime out of Plano.

Check out what he says because his story won’t be told in the Dallas media, as reporters often only have room or time to cover the “horse race” and not why the candidates are running. In Reeves’ case, he is running against something that diminishes the importance of the individual.

Let’s listen to what Douglas Reeves is saying:

“What is this issue you ask? It is high-density apartments,” Reeves said. “Building thousands of four- and five-story apartments, in addition to the thousands that already exist, cannot be in the best interest of Plano. Common sense tells us this will eventually lead to overcrowding our excellent nationally – recognized schools, increased traffic congestion, increased transit residents in our neighborhoods, increased crime, lowered property values, and higher infrastructure costs.

“The Plano Tomorrow Plan (listed on the city website) threatens to destroy the progress that Plano has made over the years, and as previously stated, will make Plano look more like Dallas than the wonderful city where so many of us raised our children,” Reeves said.

“I want Plano to remain the shining, flourishing city that we have come to be proud of and enjoy,” Reeves said. “The mayor continues to approve thousands of high-density apartments. If elected I will advocate for the will of vast majority of citizens who want to discontinue this destructive trend. If you share my sentiments, I ask for your vote in the May 6 election.”

Want more info on Douglas Reeves, go to – What does Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing mean to you in Plano?

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