Burglaries now take 90 seconds; gold rings top target in local homes

The Plano Police told local homeowners associations this week that burglars no longer spend four or five minutes in your home or garage. A burglary averages 90 seconds or less these days.

Big screen TV’s are not the top target anymore. Burglars are bypassing the big TV for the jewelry in the master bedroom. If you keep your valuables in the dresser, guess where the burglar would look first. Thieves know they can melt down the gold and sell it at gold and silver shops.

Plano Police said burglars will knock on your door, ring your door bell, knock again to make sure no one is home. Police said you can answer the door by talking through the door to whoever is outside. If you don’t answer the door, you might hear a brick crashing through your back window and you may be confronting that burglar in your kitchen. When answering door, don’t indicate you are home by yourself, police said.

If you open the door, the person will pretend they are at the wrong house, police said, adding with maps on cellphones, no one goes to the wrong door any more.

Crime Prevention Tip: Install cameras so you can see who is at the front and back doors or on garage. Then, even more important, register the camera with the local police department so that if there is a crime, police will have a better chance to get your property back by catching the suspect.

Police said every day someone is touching your front door when you are not home. Add a No Soliciting sign to keep some from playing with your door handle.

Don’t hesitate to call 911 if you see someone or a few people walking down your street that look suspicious. Police said everyone will call 911 when there is a wreck or fire, but for some reason folks hesitate when seeing someone suspicious or a garage door open.

If you see someone leaving a house fast and jumping into a car outside your neighbor’s home, that may be a burglar.

How long does it take to burglarize your home?

Less time than it took for you to read these crime tips from the Plano Police.

It is OK to call 9-1-1.


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