Salvation Army refilling pantry with help from Phantom’s Ghost Town

Phantom’s Haunted Ghost Town at McKinney’s landmark Storybook Ranch, the newly restored circa 1850’s western village is answering the call to aid the North Texas Salvation Army’s call for pantry items.

Sergeants Carl and Kel Ungurait informed the local media, “Our pantries are under a great strain and we really need some extra help.”

“Peanut Butter and Jelly is a great support item for families who desperately need supplemental food items. It goes a long way. Any canned foods are needed to fill the near empty pantry. The gratitude and hope these needy families express keeps us going, but it’s heartbreaking for us to look at our limited pantry.”

River Ranch Educational Charities (RREC) is currently operating one of their biggest annual fund raisers in the form of a 10 acre haunted Ghost Town which is open at dusk on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday for the month of October at the Storybook Ranch. A pumpkin patch complete with hay bale maze, petting zoo, and pony rides has been set up on the Custer Road side of the 20 acre Collin County landmark.

Wayne Kirk, the director for RREC responds, “I am a big fan of the Salvation Army and what they do for our community. After hearing about the extreme need for food donations, we have decided to take $4 off the $25 Haunted Tour to anyone who brings canned foods to help out our neighbors.

Students in Collin County can get in on Sunday night for $15 with a can of food for the Salvation Army pantry.

The Phantom, James Dunn, is renown for developing Haunted Houses in the North Texas area. He has entertained thousands with his creative and well managed operation including the Texas State Fair.

McKinney Deputy Chief of Police Kim Lee Malelopszy commented, “The Storybook operation should be a used as an example of a well prepared and safely managed venue. They took the time to meet with the Fire Marshall, Police, and Fire to coordinate their safety standards.”

J.B. Blocker

Phantom Haunted Village opens Friday

By J.B. Blocker
There was a huge turnout for the Phantom’s Haunt actors call at the Ghost Town at Storybook Ranch in McKinney. Eventually, 85 stayed for the full tour and a chance to be a part of a Halloween production that will run every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday at dusk for the month of October. The haunted tours start Friday and will journey through a wooded, county road into a world of lights, sounds, and surprises.
The Phantom, James Dunn, and Wayne Kirk of River Ranch Educational Charities at Storybook Ranch set down the law and kept the largely teenaged bat boys and tour ghouls captivated and motivated to find their place in the Halloween adventure.
One attending parent was Mark P. Yablon. His oldest daughter, Natalie, was chosen to be a narrator after she made up an impromtu ghost story to land the opportunity. “I was totally impressed and very surprised at the way that many behaved so attentively for so long,” Yablon said.
The Phantom and his men herded the excited want to actors around the back 10 acres of the Storybook Ranch at Custer and Stonebridge.
Expect the experience to get better with every performance as each member of the team gains in experience with the heavily wooded areas,the two haunted houses, a memorable walk through the cemetery, and Dry Bones western village.

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