McKinney ISD trustees approve bond projects for May 7 election; early voting starts April 25

McKinney ISD: On Thursday night, the McKinney ISD Board of Trustees approved a detailed list of projects to be included in a $220 million bond program that will go before voters on Saturday, May 7. If passed, the measure would allow for a 2 cent tax decrease  because of an increase in the McKinney tax base and the retirement of old debt.

The items submitted to the board for consideration were determined by Project Kids, a 100-member bond committee comprised of students, parents, teachers, administrators and community members.

Two weeks ago, Project Kids Chairs Richard Beasley and Jennifer Gray stood before the board and presented the committee’s recommendation.

Now, those bond package items have been approved by the board and include major initiatives for technology, safety and security, fine arts, campus renovations and improvements and a new McKinney ISD stadium/event center.

The McKinney ISD Board of Trustees voted Thursday night to approve the items for a $220 million bond election called for May 7. Passage of the bond would allow for a 2 cent tax decrease due to an increase in the McKinney tax base and the retirement of old debt.

“I’m very happy about the process and how many community members have been involved,” said Board of Trustees President Amy Dankel after Thursday night’s meeting. “The comments tonight—both for and against—were very respectful, and I appreciate that. I love that a student came and addressed the board about the bond and that we involved students, not just adults, in the bond committee. There are clear needs in the district and calling the bond was the way for the citizens of McKinney to vote on those issues.”

Bond funds allotted for technology will support classroom and instructional technology, the high school One to the World program and infrastructure and network upgrades.

The bond includes a new 1,000 seat auditorium and a practice gym at McKinney High School. The new auditorium would double the school’s current theatre seating capacity of 500 and bring it in line with the 1,000 seat auditoriums at McKinney Boyd and McKinney North. The bond would also provide for additions to the band halls and fine arts areas at McKinney Boyd High School, Cockrill Middle School and Evans Middle School.

Items included in the MISD 2016 bond package were recommended to the MISD Board of Trustees by Project Kids, a committee comprised of 100 students, parents, teachers, administrators and community members.

The new McKinney ISD Stadium/Event Center included in the bond would account for long-term growth and provide a larger site that can accommodate attendance, ingress, egress (traffic flow) and the parking needs of 5A and 6A athletic programs. The stadium would seat 12,000 fans and include approximately 2,400 dedicated parking spaces.

By contrast, the district’s 54 year old existing facility, Ron Poe Stadium, seats 6,988 and has 341 dedicated parking spaces. It was built when McKinney ISD served about 7,000 students. Today, district enrollment is approximately 24,700.

In addition to its primary uses for athletic competition, the new stadium facility will also feature a community event room to host athletics and fine arts banquets and events, professional development, district events such as the annual Teacher of the Year Program and other community functions.

Also accounted for in the bond package are facility upgrades for 21 schools across the district in need of HVAC, roof replacement and other renovations. Valley Creek Elementary School and Glen Oaks Elementary School are both scheduled for comprehensive renovations as part of the district’s scheduled update cycle, and funds are included to replace worn and outdated classroom furniture at schools across the district.

The bond targets significant safety enhancements including internal and external security cameras at every school. The MISD Transportation Center will be expanded to accommodate growth and will include a fueling station expected to save the district $50,000-$60,000 per year in fuel costs.

Lastly, the projects include digital marquees throughout the district.

McKinney ISD Superintendent Dr. Rick McDaniel said: “I am excited that the bond election unanimously approved tonight by our board will touch all facets of our district from safety and security to additions at McKinney High School to the fine arts additions at Boyd, Cockrill and Evans to the stadium project. I look forward to the opportunity to present these projects in their entirety to the community.”

The board’s approval now places the decision in the hands of McKinney voters. The bond election will be held on Saturday, May 7. Early voting begins on April 25th.

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