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Sunday Drive – Ask the Car Pro: What are the top-selling trucks?


From Jerry Reynolds, CarPro
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Yes, pickups are hot as evidenced by these numbers. Today I give you the top-selling trucks in America through the first nine months of 2017. So far for 2017, Americans have purchased or leased more than two million trucks, about 100,000 more than at the same time last year.

Ford F-Series – 658,636
Chevy Silverado – 418,590
Ram Trucks – 374,901

GMC Sierra – 154,476
Toyota Tacoma – 147,420
Toyota Tundra – 85,677

Chevy Colorado – 83,034
Nissan Frontier – 55,208
Nissan Titan – 35,549

Honda Ridgeline – 26,576
GMC Canyon – 23,269

The Car Pro has reviews on 2017 Ford Flex, 2017 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport and 2018 Mercedes Benz S450.

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Sunday Drive: CarPro says don’t miss chance to order Corvette #car #carreviews


Kevin McCarthy and Jerry Reynolds

By Jerry Reynolds, CarPro

If you want to order a 2018 or 2019 Corvette get your calendar out.

The National Corvette Museum is confirming that Chevrolet will end production of the 2018 model later this year. This means the last date to order one is November 16th. Right now, planned volume is just shy of 9,700 units, making it one of the shortest model years. I’ve said on the air that it’s a low volume model year because Chevrolet knows they’ll be hard to sell and dealers are not going to be anxious to order them.



Because I am driving a Mercedes S450 luxury sedan this week, I thought it only natural to bring everyone up to speed on how sales in this segment are doing this year, so here it is:

  • Mercedes S-Class:  10,673
  • BMW 7-Series:  6,562
  • Porsche Panamera:  4,903
  • Genesis G90:  3,246
  • Lexus LS: 3,102
  • BMW 6-Series:  2,971
  • Audi A8:  2,261
  • Jaguar XJ:  2,067
  • Maserati Quattroporte:  1,271 has been promoting the CarPro since 2011 on behalf of Kevin McCarthy and Jerry Reynolds



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