Man who calls himself the world’s fastest amputee

MCKINNEY, Texas – After the 2011 World Championships, Jerome Singleton Jr. feels it’s safe to refer to himself as the “fastest amputee in the world.”
Last year, the track-and-field star knocked off the reigning world champion in the 100-meter race.

“I call it the pursuit of speed,” Singleton said. “I just want to get as fast as possible.”

Now, he’s training for the 2012 Paralympic Trials at the end of June in Indianapolis.

In 2008, he brought home gold and silver medals from the Beijing Paralympics.

“He can run a lower 11-second 100-meter dash,” said Lance Walker, director of performance at Michael Johnson Performance in McKinney, Texas where Singleton trained on Friday. “It is something most able-bodied folks can’t even think about doing.”

Walker described Singleton’s attitude as one of a champion, saying the 25-year-old takes every opportunity to improve his craft.

While athletics are a passion, the Morehouse College graduate holds degrees in mathematics and applied physics and also studied industrial engineering.

He said he sees both academics and athletics as ways to inspire people of all abilities.

“I think that I’ve been given a gift,” he said. “The Lord has given me a gift that in 10 or 11 seconds, I can change someone’s perspective.”

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