Donnie Nelson weighs in on race for Frisco Mayor between successful community leaders Bob Allen and Jeff Cheney

Bob Allen and Jeff Cheney are running for Mayor in Frisco, Texas.

Basketball executive Donnie Nelson says Frisco will be picking a leader in this race for Mayor. Check out what Nelson has to say at the 1:00 minute mark in the video.
Early voting ends May 2

Election day is Saturday, May 6


Chad Rudy endorses Jeff Cheney in race for Mayor of Frisco

Chad Rudy, a Frisco ISD Trustee, endorses Jeff Cheney in the race for Mayor of Frisco.

Jeff Cheney said, “Dana and I knew when we first met Chad Rudy that he would go on to do great things in our community. He gives tirelessly to Frisco and Frisco ISD, and it’s an honor to have him at my side in this campaign.”

Chad Rudy said, “When Jeff called me and asked if I would speak about my support for his race for Mayor, Amy and I did not hesitate. There are some people for whom service to others is not just what they do, it’s who they are. … that is Jeff Cheney. I’m proud to know him as a civic leader, a parent, a kids’ coach, and a friend… and I’m proud to support Jeff Cheney for Frisco Mayor.”

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Bryan Dodson puts trust in Jeff Cheney in race for mayor of Frisco

From the Choose Cheney team: Bryan Dodson, current vice president of the FISD Board of Trustees and former City of Frisco planning and zoning commissioner, recalls the story of how he phoned all elected officials when he first moved to Frisco. … and Jeff Cheney was the only one to return his call. The relationship built that day launched Bryan’s community service for Frisco and today they remain great friends and colleagues. The Cheney campaign is proud to share Bryan Dodson’s endorsement.

Bryan Dodson joins current elected officials City Council members Scott Johnson and Bill Woodard, and fellow Frisco ISD trustee Chad Rudy to endorse Jeff Cheney for Frisco.

Scott Johnson says Jeff Cheney is right person to represent Frisco TX as mayor

From the #ChooseCheney campaign: The Jeff Cheney team is proud to begin sharing announcements of support from Frisco’s community leaders. It was Jeff Cheney’s privilege to serve with Scott Johnson on City Council, and to share his support now.

Scott Johnson says when he wants to decide who will be representing him, he envisions Jeff Cheney meeting with a CEO to bring a new company to Frisco.

Consider what Scott Johnson has to say as you make your choice for Mayor in Frisco TX.

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Who is Jeff Cheney? Why is he running for Mayor of Frisco?


– 9 Year City Council Member.

– 5 Time Mayor Pro Tem/Deputy Mayor Pro Tem

– Frisco Small Business of the Year 2015

– Budget and Audit Committee Chair

– Frisco’s Technology Committee

– Mayor’s Youth Council Liaison

– Frisco Education Foundation Board Member

Early voting runs April 24 to May 2 – Election Day is May 6


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