Frisco rallies around Grayson

Frisco has rallied around six-year-old Grayson Hughes, who is fighting leukemia. Frisco friends turned out and put on a fund-raiser for the family at the Marble Slab ice cream store on Eldorado and 423.

From mom, Kalee: “We got our Christmas gift early this year. Grayson’s doctor called me today (while she’s on vacation) to tell me that his biopsy results showed that he has no cancer cells left!!! He’s in remission. …finally! Now we will continue treatment as planned to prevent the cancer from returning.”

NEWS VIDEO: Click on 6-year-old’s fight

Frisco Community is AMAZING! So many out to support Grayson Hughes and his family!
Team Grayson

Kalee: “When you’re driving down the road, I’m sure you seldom think that the person in the car next to you is plagued with a life threatening illness. Until you glance in your back seat and see your sweet, innocent child wearing a mask, looking week and miserable and realize just how scary the world we are now living in can be. Although I am very thankful that we got to bring our baby home tonight, I’m also scared about the challenges we face. But I know that God will wrap his loving arms around us and our family and friends will be here to comfort us.” 

Lance Hughes: “What an amazing group of young men! Thank you
Wakeland HS Varsity Soccer Team for giving Grayson some of your time.”

Andrew Rose: “Grayson Hughes and I at his fund-raiser at the Marble Slab Creamery in Frisco. I learned that he’s not a big fan of chocolate or gummy bears but loves sprinkles in cotton candy ice cream. Grayson is one of our North Cities Marathon TEAM in Training Honored Heroes for the Spring Season and is currently battling leukemia. Bea McKnight, Noah Kiser, and Grayson Hughes will give our team inspiration through training, the Rock N Roll Half Marathon, and the Madrid Rock N Roll Marathon in the coming weeks.”
Allie Ciulla: At Fund-raiser for Grayson Hughes. Strongest little boy i know!

Frisco Aggies at halftime getting support and encouragement from our TOUGHEST teammate. Grayson Hughes!!!!

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