GOP chair says thanks to voters


Wow! What an Election Day “Victory” for us. Last Tuesday our results were outstanding from our County to Washington. The message was loud and clear about “Taking our Country Back” and going back to conservative principles and values, which is the foundation of our Republican Party.

Thank you and the tremendous volunteers that helped our County get the strong GOP turnout and results we did. You are extraordinary for your help and support. You can see from the results what a “BIG” difference your efforts made for Candidates, Party and Country.

We are forever grateful for your help and support.

Fred Moses
Collin County Republican Party Chairman

Republicans announce ‘Watch party’

Join us at headquarters for our watch party Tuesday evening
From County Judge Keith Self

Have you ever seen a tsunami?
Have you ever watched a wave roll across the whole nation, crashing into every state in the union? Tuesday is your chance.

You have a rare opportunity to watch a wave election roll across the nation Tuesday evening as voters speak their minds.

Join us at Republican headquarters as we celebrate a great Republican victory. Headquarters is located at 8416 Stacy Road in McKinney, east of the corner of Custer Road and Stacy Road. I ask every campaign volunteer who worked on my behalf or contributed to our campaign in any way to join us at headquarters as we join with all Republicans to celebrate and watch the returns come in. We’ll be there at 7 p.m. – we’ll see you there.

The Democrats are trying to manage expectations. At this point, anything less than a 60-seat pickup in the US House will be called a victory by the Democrats. Don’t believe it. This will be a thumpin’.

I want to thank the many volunteers who have been waving our campaign signs at early polling places for the last two weeks. I appreciate everyone who sacrificed your time to help influence voters at the critical decision point, especially given the “October surprise” last week. You made a difference.

As we approach this critical election day, I quote a great basketball coach and greater man, John Wooden; who died this year just four months shy of his 100th birthday. We need to now govern in the more conservative way that voters are demanding. After the Republican victory on Tuesday, remember Wooden’s words, “Success is not final. Failure is not fatal. Courage is what counts.”



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