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Vote Tuesday March 6: Check out candidates on League of Women Voters Guide online

Want to know more about a candidate before you vote on Election Day?

Check out the candidate in the League of Women Voters of Texas Guide online.

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McKinneyTEAM endorses Charlie Philips

McKinneyTEAM, a nonpartisan, nonprofit political action committee organized and operating under section 527 of the Internal Revenue Code, announced it has endorsed a Mayoral and City Council candidates for the May 6, 2017 election. The candidates endorsed by McKinneyTEAM include the following individuals:

Mayor: George Fuller
At-Large: Charlie Philips
District 1: Dusttin Pearson
District 3: Scott Elliott

“After interviewing the candidates and careful consideration among our leadership, we are pleased to endorse candidates that represent the core values of McKinneyTEAM,” said Pete Huff, McKinneyTEAM spokesman. “More importantly, we are glad to find candidates that align to our philosophical approach to the long-term growth and success of the city, while not compromising our resident’s experience.”

McKinneyTEAM was formed by a group of business and civic leaders who acknowledge the previous success of our city, but have a vision to raise the bar for the future. As a coalition of seasoned executives we will attempt to establish an honest forum for issues to be discussed and strong leadership to advocate for our community’s future. McKinneyTEAM is a nonpartisan, nonprofit political action committee organized and operating under section 527 of the Internal Revenue Code, reporting to the Texas Ethics Commission as a General Committee.

The vision of McKinneyTEAM is to unite the community by standing up for universal principles of good governance that will produce effective city planning, low and equitable taxes and sustainable growth that leads to job creation. The group’s mission is to create a climate for effective and efficient municipal government, honest and open debate of community issues, implementation of sound business management practices for the public sector and an overall balanced and fair culture for all.

McKinneyTEAM board members: Pete Huff, Wattmaster Controls – David Brooks, Independent Bank – Bill Darling, Darling Homes – Roger Harris, Metro Linen Service – Ernest Lynch, Medical City McKinney – Jack Radke, AG Power

Behind the scenes: Sue and Marty know something about George Fuller that will help us understand him

Sue and Marty did not know George Fuller when he came to their house.

What happened next shocked them and changed their lives.

Allow yourself time to get at least one minute, 20 seconds into the video.

This video will tell you more about George Fuller than any campaign sign.

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The sound of #McKinneyRising is getting louder – Early voting runs through May 2

We have a spirited race for Mayor in McKinney between George Fuller and Randy Pogue, two guys who love McKinney TX.

From George Fuller: “Come on up for the rising – come on up for the rising today. Let’s all get McKinney rising – Vote Fuller for Mayor.
#McKinneyrising #FullerforMayor”

Don’t miss your chance to vote early – Early voting runs through May 2.

The lines are getting longer as the sound of McKinney Rising is heard across the Unique by Nature city in North Texas.

Get out and vote for the candidates of your choice.

Bring a friend.

Make time.


Why is George Fuller running for Mayor in McKinney, Texas? #mckinneyrising

Let’s meet George Fuller, candidate for Mayor of McKinney TX

FROM GEORGE FULLER: To all the volunteers working on the dozen+ campaigns across McKinney, Thank You. I believe I speak for all candidates when I say that you honor us with your trust, confidence and belief in our purpose. Many are friends and family, though many were strangers before this all began for each of us. Thank you for believing and standing with the candidate you support. Without your help, we would not be here. You energize and encourage us to continue forward. Thank You!

McKinney Chamber of Commerce video – Part of the #CollinCountyVotesSeries

Should you vote or just let it be in McKinney TX? Let’s ask George Fuller and Maylee Thomas …

George Fuller and Maylee Thomas

Let it be, #vote for G! #MckinneyRising #Mckinney #RocktheVoteMckinney #earlyvoting #FullerforMayor

Why is Candidate Danny Bishop endorsing George Fuller in Mayor’s race in McKinney? Let’s hear what Danny Bishop has to say about what’s important for McKinney TX


From George Fuller: Honored to have Danny Bishop join my campaign and endorse me for Mayor. Danny has shown tremendous heart and passion for the people in this community. Danny is concerned for all 4 corners of our city and entered this race to ensure that the East side would no longer be the forgotten side. I share his passion and as Mayor, will work with Danny and other East side leaders to accomplish great things in the community.

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