Texas Republican Primary: How GOP voted for President, Senator in Collin County TX

Collin County vote: Ted Cruz tops Trump, Rubio locally in Republican Primary 2016; Hillary Clinton wins Democrat vote

How did Collin County vote in March 1, 2016 Texas Primary?


Ted Cruz 39.6 percent (Ted Cruz received 46,094 votes in Collin County)

Donald Trump 25.58 percent (29,772 votes)

Marco Rubio 23.27 (27,082)


Hillary Clinton 59.18 percent (23,591 total votes for Clinton)

Bernie Sanders 40.34 (16,082 votes for Sanders)

Note: 63 of 63 voting centers reporting



Trumped? White House releases President Obama’s birth certificate

Collin County is talking over coffee on Wednesday morning about President Barack Obama and “Celebrity Apprentice” TV showman Donald Trump after the White House released President Obama’s Certificate of Live Birth on Wednesday.

Donald Trump, who asked President Barack Obama to release his birth certificate, said in New Hampshire on Wednesday: “I feel I’ve accomplished something really really important, and I’m honored by it.”

“We’re “going to look at it. We have to see if it’s real, if it’s proper,” Trump said, adding he is “sure it’s the right deal.”

White House Communications Director Dan Pfeiffer said in a statement: “The President believed the distraction over his birth certificate wasn’t good for the country. It may have been good politics and good T.V., but it was bad for the American people and distracting from the many challenges we face as a country.”

President Obama made a statement but did not take questions from the press on Wednesday.

Click here for official White House video and President’s statement:

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