Plano man sentenced to prison; police say he assaulted his mother in her home

AcklinCollin County District Attorney Greg Willis announced in McKinney, Texas, that Christopher Dee Acklin, 46, of Plano, was sentenced to 32 years in prison for Injury to the Elderly Causing Serious Bodily Injury with a Deadly Weapon.

Authorities said that in December 2016, Acklin (pictured) got drunk and then strangled and beat his mother, age 73, at her home in Plano.

Police said the injuries Acklin caused required extensive medical treatment, including skin grafts on her arms and surgery for a fractured femur.

Plano Police Department Detective James Phelan investigated the case.

During the sentencing phase of Acklin’s plea of guilty, the victim testified that she closed her eyes during the assault and felt like she was going to die.

Prosecutors presented evidence of prior assaults by Acklin, including a 2010 conviction for assault family violence against his mother, and a 2013 conviction for assault family violence against his wife at the time.

Willis said prosecutors presented even more evidence of Acklin’s other criminal conduct, including two prior convictions for DWI, multiple violations of protective orders, as well as Plano Police Sgt. Chris Matthews’ testimony about Acklin’s bad conduct post-arrest.

Judge Benjamin Smith assessed punishment at 32 years in prison.

Assistant District Attorneys Kim Laseter and Kim Kircher prosecuted the case, assisted by District Attorney Investigator Robin Laughon and Victim Assistance Coordinator Jenni Ball.


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Collin County Citizen Prosecutor Academy now taking applications for spring session

What’s a plea bargain? What are expunctions? What does a grand jury do?

If you’ve ever wondered exactly how the criminal justice system works in Collin County, Criminal District Attorney’s Office has the perfect program for you.

Criminal District Attorney Greg Willis has announced the upcoming spring session dates for the Citizen Prosecutor Academy, a 10-week course that begins Feb. 19 and concludes with a graduation ceremony for participants on April 23.

Collaborating with an extensive network of public servants and agencies on a daily basis, the DA’s office is at the forefront of protecting the community by putting away the bad guys and holding criminals accountable.

Hear from prosecutors, detectives, judges and law enforcement officials as they explain how a case develops, from arrest to trial, and subsequent appeal.

Classes for this popular program will meet on Thursday evenings at the Collin County Courthouse from 6:30 to 9 p.m. The application deadline is Feb. 11. 

Class size is limited, so you are encouraged to apply early. Those seeking enrollment must be at least 18 years of age. To learn more about the District Attorney’s Citizen Prosecutor Academy visit his website — —  or contact Evelyn Rutherford at 972-548-4474; email:

51-year-old man sentenced to 30 years

 William Laube

51-year-old Dallas resident William Laube was sentenced today to 30 years for molesting a child, announced Collin County District Attorney Greg Willis. 
Jury trial testimony revealed that Laube, while staying in the child’s house in Richardson, sexually assaulted his five year old nephew by touching his genitals. The assault was discovered when the victim began acting out sexually with other children after the child and his mother had moved out of state. As a result, the victim was taken to a counselor, where he revealed the assault.  
During the trial, the jury heard evidence that this was not the first time Laube molested a child. He committed the same type of crime against another male relative almost 15 years ago. There was also background evidence showing that the defendant had not worked for 20 years, and spends some of his time cutting out pictures of male genitals from porn magazines to make collages. He would then display those collages in the windows of his home to neighbors and passersby.

Laube was convicted of two counts of indecency with a child. One count was for touching the child, and he received a maximum 20-year sentence. The second count was for exposing his genitals to the child, and he received a maximum 10-year sentence for that. The judge stacked the sentences ordering Laube to a 30-year prison term.
The defendant will now be transported to Dallas, Texas, to answer to pending charges for the second male relative.
Assistant District Attorneys Crystal Levonius, Janet Cook, Claire Miranda, and Shannon Miller prosecuted the case and were assisted by District Attorney Investigator Kenny Newton. The case was investigated by Detective Yoshida and Detective Hay of the Richardson Police Department. Visiting District Judge James Fry presided over the case.  

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Man found guilty in Meth court case

Alfredo Pineda was convicted by a Federal Jury this afternoon of Conspiracy to Possess with Intent to Distribute Methamphetamine. Co-conspirator, Julian Espinoza, pled guilty to the Conspiracy, and both await formal sentencing, announced Collin County District Attorney Greg Willis.

The United States was represented at trial by Assistant United States Attorney Heather Rattan, and Special Assistant United States Attorney and Collin County Assistant District Attorney Lesley Davis.

The evidence at trial proved that on March 27, 2012, Alfredo Pineda conspired with Julian Espinoza to possess with intent to distribute approximately four kilograms of methamphetamine in Blue Ridge, Texas. The conspiracy has ties to Mexico. Testimony showed that methamphetamine is the most prevalent illegal narcotic in North Texas.

The investigation and successful prosecution was the result of the joint efforts by special agents of the Drug Enforcement Administration, law enforcement officers from the Fort Worth and McKinney Police Departments, and a collaborative effort between the U. S. Attorney’s Office Eastern District and the Collin County District Attorney’s Office.

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Melissa man sentenced in sexual assault of teenage relative

Collin County District Attorney Greg Willis announced that 41-year-old Harold Clarrett of Melissa, Texas, has been sentenced by a Collin County jury to 15 years in prison after a guilty plea to the jury that lasted three days and concluded on Wednesday.

The case before retired Judge Richard Davis was prosecuted by Assistant Criminal District Attorneys Claire Miranda and Crystal Levonius.

The jury convicted Clarrett and sentenced him to 15 years on each of the three counts of sexual assault of a child and two counts of indecency with a child.

Judge Davis ran all of the 15-year sentences concurrently.

The jury also assessed a $10,000 fine for each count. All of the charges were second-degree felonies with a punishment range of anywhere from two years to 20 years in prison.

Testimony at trial recounted that during the summer and fall of 2010, Clarrett engaged in sexual relations with a 14-year-old female relative.

The prosecutors said Clarrett confessed to police that his sexual relationship with the child continued for up to six months. Police said Clarrett tried to justify his conduct by stating to police that he was trying to satisfy the child’s sexual urges so she wouldn’t get pregnant.

Prosecutors said Clarrett had a history of neglectful supervision and physical abuse of children in his care.

Testimony at trial also showed that the girl, now 16, had been shuffled around from relative to relative throughout her life and had lived with Clarrett off and on from the age of 6.

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Third life sentence handed out in a week

Collin County District Attorney Greg Willis announced Wednesday that 44-year-old Stacy Eugene Ervin of Nevada, Texas, was sentenced to life in prison for sexual assault of a child after a jury trial that began last week. Retired State District Court Judge Keith Dean presided over the case.

Ervin is the third defendant in the past week to get a life sentence in Collin County for sexually assaulting a child.

Testimony revealed that Ervin sexually assaulted his girlfriend’s sister who was 16 at the time. The State also presented physical evidence at trial in the form of a blanket, which captured his DNA from the assault.

Before the assault, the defendant had exposed himself to the same victim, resulting in an additional charge of indecency with a child by exposure, police reported.  Ervin was also sentenced to the 20-year maximum on that charge.

Prosecutors Shannon Miller and Crystal Levonius also proved Ervin was previously convicted in Dallas County of sexual assault of a child, Ervin’s cousin.  Because of the previous conviction, Ervin was subject to automatic life punishment on the Collin County case.

Juan Vazquez, 38, of Allen, Texas, was sentenced by a Collin County jury to life in prison without the possibility of parole for continuous sexual abuse of a child and aggravated sexual assault of a child, announced the district attorney,

Prosecutors Janet Cook and Claire Miranda presented physical evidence at trial in the form of the victim’s bedroom closet carpet, which was saturated with his DNA.

Retired State District Judge Nathan White presided over the case.

In the same trial, Vazquez also received 20 years for sexual assault of a child and indecency with a child, the maximum punishment for those offenses. The punishment followed a jury trial that began on Monday April 9.

Cedric Derrell Millage, 38, was convicted of Aggravated Sexual Assault by a Collin County Jury and was sentenced to life in prison, the District Attorney announced.

Assistant District Attorney Randy Goodwin and Cynthia Walker prosecuted the case, assisted by DA Investigator Robin Laughon. Retired Plano Detective David Wilson was the lead investigator.

State District Judge John Roach, Jr. presided over the case and assessed the sentence.

Testimony at trial showed that on September 21, 2000, the 20-year-old female victim sat in her van awaiting her early morning shift to begin at a Plano bakery. Millage approached the victim’s van wearing nothing but his underwear. He pulled the victim from the van and began beating her in the face.

Police said that as the victim passed out, Millage dragged her to another location in the parking lot and took off her clothes. When the victim regained consciousness, Millage was sexually assaulting her.

Millage continued to beat the victim in the face fracturing her cheek and twisted her hand until it broke. Millage then carried the victim to his SUV where he attempted to get her inside the vehicle.

The victim struggled and fought against her 6-8, 300-pound attacker until he finally threw her to the ground striking her again and choking her before driving away.

It would take six years before Millage was identified through a DNA match. After this brutal attack, but before he was identified as the assailant in this case, Millage had gone to prison twice for Burglary of a Habitation and Assault of a Public Servant.

These penitentiary trips resulted in Millage’s DNA being added to a law enforcement database.


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