Dirk Nowitski’s Letter to Dallas Mavericks fans #swish41


Dirk! We need more tambourine

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New lineup: Mavericks unveil Vince Carter, Lamar Odom

Vince Carter (25) and Lamar Odom joined the Dallas Mavericks for the team photo.
“Dallas was the one place where I thought I would be a great fit.” – Lamar Odom (7) at Media Day.


Tyson Chandler to Knicks; Lamar Odom to Mavs

ESPN is reporting that the ink on the four-year contract isn’t dry yet, but free-agent center Tyson Chandler confirmed that he will sign with the New York Knicks instead of returning to play for the Dallas Mavericks.

The New York Times reported that Chandler’s deal with the Knicks is expected to be in the range of $58 million for four seasons.

“In this situation, signing back with the Mavs, it just didn’t make business sense,” said Chandler, who averaged 10.1 points and 9.4 rebounds and finished third in Defensive Player of the Year voting. “Business is business. Sometimes we get upset by it, but in this business, we can’t take it personal.”

The Mavericks picked up Lamar Odom from the LA Lakers as a replacement.

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