Kathy Seei says vote for Bob Allen in Frisco Mayoral race #CollinCountyVotes

Kathy Seei says Bob Allen is the right person for the job in the Frisco Mayoral Race.

Election day is May 6.


Maher Maso says vote for Bob Allen in race for next Frisco Mayor on election day Saturday, May 6 #CollinCountyVotes

Election day is Saturday, May 6.

Bob Allen and Jeff Cheney are running for Mayor.

Current Mayor Maher Maso has worked with both Allen and Cheney over many years.

Maso says he is voting for Bob Allen in the race for Mayor in 2017.


Plano City council candidate Rick Smith stands with homeowners against plans to overcrowd Plano’s future with apartments

Rick Smith says Plano citizens, voters and residents want safer and less overcrowded schools and streets. He says Plano voters want their voice to be heard at city hall.

If you listen closely, Plano voters are sounding the same alarm as residents in Allen, Frisco and McKinney this election.

Special thanks to the Plano Chamber for sharing videos on all participating candidates in #CollinCountyVotes project

Election day is May 6. This story is part of a series leading up to the May 6 election. The purpose of all of these stories is to get out the vote. Vote for the candidate of your choice.

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Rick Smith says he will help Plano voters who just want someone at city hall to listen to their concerns

Rick Smith says Plano citizens, voters and residents are asking for their voice to be heard.

Get to know Rick Smith

Rick Smith said he believes in community service, as such he has been a volunteer with various organizations for a number of years. Activities include being a graduate and active member of the Plano Citizens Police Academy Alumni Association (PCPAAA), Citizens Assisting Plano Police (CAPP) and the Community Emergency Response Team (CERT).

Most recently he was selected to attend and graduated from the Plano Citizens Academy (PCA). The PCA is a twelve month civic education program offered by the City of Plano that provides insight into the daily operations of various city departments. This provided a good opportunity to understand the challenges City employees face as they deliver services for the citizens of Plano.

Rick serves as a member of his Homeowner’s Association (HOA) Board, Crime Watch Coordinator and Lead for the neighborhood’s “Nextdoor” Website service. He is also a member of the Board of Directors for AARP chapter 2304, an active NRA member, NRA Certified Instructor and graduate of the Collin County Citizens Sheriff’s Academy (CCCSA).

Rick is now seeking to be of greater service to his community as a neighborhood advocate on the Plano City Council.

This is important to Rick because he believes that the majority of current elected city leaders have forgotten who they serve – you the taxpayers. It is time for fresh leadership that will respect the voices of the taxpayers who elect them.

Rick is committed to putting his leadership experience, common sense and dedication to serving his community to work for the taxpayers of Plano by serving as City Councilman for Place 8.

Rick has served as President for Advanced Home Theater Systems, Inc (AHTS) in Plano since founding the company in 1995. Under his leadership AHTS has been nationally recognized twice for its work.

Prior to forming AHTS Rick served for several years as both Vice President and later Senior Vice President of Business Development for a national healthcare company. He and his family have lived in Plano and been homeowners for three decades.


Donnie Nelson weighs in on race for Frisco Mayor between successful community leaders Bob Allen and Jeff Cheney

Bob Allen and Jeff Cheney are running for Mayor in Frisco, Texas.

Basketball executive Donnie Nelson says Frisco will be picking a leader in this race for Mayor. Check out what Nelson has to say at the 1:00 minute mark in the video.
Early voting ends May 2

Election day is Saturday, May 6


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