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Plano Police Chief Gregory W. Rushin wants to encourage everyone to come out and donate blood for the “Battle of the Badges” blood drive. Each year, he takes part in the important event in an effort to give back to the community he serves. Come out and donate…and vote Police! #GiveTheGiftOfLife #donateblood shares your local news.

The Battle of the Badges runs July 4-July 9.

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Police – Fire Rescue square off in friendly competition in Battle of the Badges

Battle of the Badges begins July 4, 2017.

From Plano Police: It’s that time of year again. The annual Battle of the Badges blood drive begins on Tuesday, July 4th and runs through Sunday, July 9th. This is the friendly competition with our public safety partners at Plano Fire-Rescue in an effort to partner with you in collecting blood and saving lives.

We want to encourage everyone to come out and donate blood during that week. All donors, or potential donors who were unable to donate based on Carter Bloodcare restrictions, will receive a gift bag, free t-shirt and the chance to vote for police or police. Oh wait, I think I was supposed to say police or fire.

Regardless, we at the police and fire departments are honored to partner with Rotary in the worthwhile endeavor to help save lives. Attached to this post is the schedule that lists the dates, times and locations blood donations will be accepted toward this Battle of the Badges event.

Thanks for helping us help others in need.

– David Tilley, Plano Police

How you can save lives by donating at Carter BloodCare in Allen, Frisco, Plano TX

Carter BloodCare offers blood donors another way to save lives when patients have a long-term need – plasma donations save many more than three lives.

  • Take a buddy
  • Start a company or church or school blood drive
  • Donate to save a life


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