Plano TX: Anthony Ricciardelli says join fight against property tax increases


From Anthony Ricciardelli and family: “As home values rise, so do property taxes – that is, unless we decrease the tax rate enough to offset the increase in property valuations.  If elected, I will fight tax increases by advocating for the largest possible tax rate decreases. I have pledged to vote for the “effective tax rate” in 2018, which will lower the tax rate commensurate to the aggregate increase in property valuations and thereby offset (for the average homeowner) the increase in taxes that would otherwise result from the increase in property valuations.

“To my knowledge, I am the only candidate for Place 2 who has pledged to vote for the effective tax rate in 2018. I am the only candidate for Place 2 who is endorsed by Texans for Fiscal Responsibility, a project of Empower Texans, for my commitment to fiscally conservative policies that promote economic freedom in our community.”

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