We attract thousands of views to our website by using our Twitter account.

If you don’t have time to post to Twitter every week, you are missing many opportunities.

We can help. We will tweet your twitter handle (ours is @collincountydfw) 10 times a month for $10 in one of our business spotlight tweets plus retweet your tweets 10 times during the month. Our twitters accounts are viewed by thousands of active local people in the Allen, Frisco, McKinney, Plano and surrounding area.

This will drive more traffic to your website and to your twitter handle so you will get more interaction. We enjoy promoting for local charities, arts and music groups, civic groups and local sports teams, too. If you are in real estate, we can help you.

If you would like to try this, send us your @twitterhandle and three #hashtags that support your business. For instance, you could be a polka band. In that case, one of the tweets we would send would be DFW music fans, @greatband says thanks to our fans. We love our fans! #texasmusic #hiredfwbands #polka #dancemusic #funmusic

Another tweet could be @BraveCombo fans! #bravecombo will be Friday in Austin, Saturday in San Antonio and next Saturday in McKinney TX #texasmusic #thingstodothisweekend

A third tweet would be as part of our Trending tweets as in TRENDING @BraveCombo @MPAC #MckinneyOktoberfest #mckinneyuniquebynature #downtownMcKinney #historicmckinneytx

A fourth tweet would tell your customers your hours and location and contact info.

The fifth tweet will be about the benefits your customers and clients will receive from working with you.

The sixth tweet will honor some of your customers or employees. Give them some appreciation.

The seventh, eighth, ninth and 10th tweets of the month will be determined by your business needs. We want to include photos on most of your tweets to attract your customers.

Let us know in an email what is important for your message and your business.

Step 1: Follow us on Twitter @collincountydfw

Step 2: Email us at Send it to us first.

Step 3: We will bill you once we approve it. Your bill will be for $120, and you will receive 12 months of social media services. The service will start once we agree and confirm what your needs are.

Our goal will be to drive real local traffic to your business. It may take awhile to get going. But by the end of 12 months, you should have an engaged audience of shoppers ready to buy from you.

Facebook: We can do the same for your facebook for $10 a month for 12 months, too.

Youtube: Have photos of your events, let us turn your pictures into a video to showcase what you do. We can also interview you or one of your key people. If you have customers willing to do testimonials, we can do that for youtube.

Pinterest and Instagram: We can handle your Pinterest posts, too.

Text Ads on … You can also buy a text ad to reach a local audience.

Ready to start? Email us 1. Your name, phone and website 2. Your Twitter name. Don’t send any money yet.

Note: We won’t post anything that offends our audience, and we have final say of what we tweet on our social media channels. The goal is to help local business and charities by boosting your events on social media at a low cost.


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