Police report – Gunshot update: Three 18-year-olds charged with murder in connection with fatal shooting of Plano 18-year-old man

On Oct. 6, Plano Police reported a third 18-year-old man Michael Anthony Davis was charged with murder. Police said he has been arrested.

Updated: Legacy Drive shooting suspects charged in Plano TX with aggravated assault with deadly weapon

Plano Police find nine firearms, $18 thousand in cash, 2000 THC cartridges with search

Police looking for early morning robbery suspects, vehicles

Plano Police, in conjunction with other local law enforcement agencies, are investigating a series of Aggravated Robberies that are possibly related. The majority of the victims in these reported offenses are Hispanic and most have occurred during the early morning hours. Police reports indicate that the suspects used pistols to commit the robberies and propertyContinue reading “Police looking for early morning robbery suspects, vehicles”