Final runoff results in Collin County June 8 Elections

Vote Tuesday March 6: Check out candidates on League of Women Voters Guide online

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Early voting runs through March 2 with Election Day March 6

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Election Day is March 6.

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How Denton County voted made difference in Frisco, Plano, Prosper races in Saturday, May 6 elections

Check out how Denton County voted in the Saturday, May 6 elections. The candidates also received votes in Collin County, Texas.


In Plano City Council races, Plano Future Candidates did well in Denton County voting. Ed Acklin, Lily Bao, Anthony Ricciardelli and Rick Smith are running as a Plano Future team in this election.

Anthony Ricciardelli gained 264 to 140 for Al Valente in Denton County. Ann Bacchus received 100 votes in Denton County. Ricciardelli finished with 52.38 percent to Valente’s 27.78 and Bacchus’ 19.84 in Denton County voting in the Plano City Council Place 2 race.

Rick Smith had 260 votes to David Downs’ 153 in Denton County in their Plano City Council Place 8 race.

Ed Acklin edged Kayci Prince in the Denton County vote totals, 239 to 234 (50.5 percent to 49.5 percent in the Plano City Council Place 4 voting in Denton County.

In the Plano Mayor race, Harry LaRosiliere picked up 270 votes in Denton County. Lily Bao had 253. The other two candidates being in the race in Denton County had 31 votes, which made a difference. LaRosiliere took Denton County in the Plano race, 48.7 percent to 45.7 for Bao.

Acklin, Bao, Ricciardelli and Smith are running as a Plano Future team in this election.


In Frisco, Tim H. Nelson swept the Denton County Vote in the Frisco City Council Place 5 race. Nelson had 3,725 votes to 1,875 for Chris King in Denton County ballots (66.97 percent of the vote).

The Place 6 vote in the Frisco City Council election went to Brian Livingston with 2,652 votes on the Denton County side. Livingston received 44.62 percent. Bobby Roberti was second at 1,370 in Denton County for 23.05 percent of the vote.

Jeff Cheney took home 60.39 percent of the Denton County vote in Frisco’s race for Mayor. Cheney finished with 4,024 votes in Denton County. Bob Allen had 2,639 votes (39.61 percent) in Denton County.

In the contested Prosper City Council race, Laura Thomas edged Jeff Hodges, 12 to 11, in voting in Denton County.



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