Council Candidates, ‘Sasquatches’ crossing into new territory in City elections

Sasquatch council crossing at U.S. 75 and Spring Creek Parkway in Plano TX

The 2021 City Council races have become new ground for local Democrat and Republican activists in elections that have long been non-partisan. One candidate is counting on families of Sasquatches to win votes in Plano. Local political experts first identified these as Neanderthals but the candidate self-identifies these as families of Sasquatches. Stay tuned.

In McKinney, the local political races have a red vs. blue theme as the unique by nature city struggles with preserving history while challenged with growth. So far, no Sasquatches in McKinney but there has been a lot of raised voices from the downtown square pub to the shores of lake at Adriatica.

All of which has increased voter interest. Early voting runs until April 27. Election Day will be May 1.

In Plano, candidates against nature have destroyed the integrity of the Hoblitzelle Park green belt at the creek by sticking unwelcome campaign sign pollution where no political litter should be on Legacy.

Vote for the candidates of your choice. … Candidates please race to be first to remove your sign pollution from that green belt. The neighborhoods want their green spaces back.

Published by Brian Bearden

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