Music: Frisco ISD all-state performers

Texas Music Educators Association Texas All-State Music Ensembles:

Fifty-five Frisco ISD high school students have advanced through the highly competitive audition process to become members of one of the elite Texas Music Educators Association Texas All-State Music Ensembles.

In a rigorous process that started in August, these 55 students rose to the top of the Region 24 All-Region auditions and were soon among the top-ranked students who advanced to the Area level. 

At each phase of the competition, these students faced new challenges and opportunities for growth, including a virtual audition and submission process.

The entire audition process is extremely competitive and the commitment of these students is impressive. Less than three percent of the students that began this process in August have been selected as an All-State musician.

Pete Hazzard, Frisco ISD’s managing director of Fine Arts, said: “Music making at the highest level is the result of hard work, determination and grit over an extended period of time, all while being supported by great educators. These student performers are among the best in the country being named as a TMEA All-State musician. This is a recognition of the highest caliber, and Frisco ISD is proud of all of these wonderful musicians and their incredible teachers.”

Frisco ISD congratulates the directors and their students listed below who were selected as Texas All-Staters, the highest individual accomplishment a music student can achieve. 

All-State Band

Sonakshi Bhatia, Bassoon – Wakeland
Krista Caparas, English Horn – Liberty
Eujin Chung, Flute – Liberty
Mia Cotton, Flute – Independence
Hannah Dryden, Horn – Lebanon Trail
Chloe Ellis, Trumpet – Wakeland
Jim Fang, Alto Sax – Reedy
Josh Graves, French Horn – Liberty
Adarsh Javvaji, Clarinet – Liberty
Nicole Johnson, Clarinet – Liberty
Josh Jung, Oboe – Centennial
Lily Kern, Horn – Heritage
Jacob Leach, Bb Clarinet – Independence
Hannah Lenn, Flute – Liberty
Landon Murr, Bassoon – Lone Star
Olivia O’Brien, Piccolo – Liberty
Paul Park, Clarinet – Centennial
Calvin Sall, Clarinet – Reedy
Abbey Summers, Oboe – Wakeland
Olivia Thomas, Piccolo – Lebanon Trail
Jeffrey Wang, Percussion – Liberty

All-State Choir

Megan Guidry, Soprano 2 – Liberty
Chaya Ranganatha, Alto 1 – Centennial
Mark Ford, Bass 1 – Frisco

All-State Jazz

Jacob Ogbu, Trombone – Lone Star
Garrett Hilburn, Alto Sax – Lebanon Trail
Bradley Buss, Tenor Sax – Lebanon Trail

All-State Orchestra

Sarika Ahire, Harp – Centennial

Colin Cha, Cello – Independence
Nandika Chirala, Violin – Liberty
Jacob Choi, Viola – Liberty
Yejin Choi, Violin – Centennial
Amy Danjul, Violin – Independence
Julia Johnson, Violin – Liberty
Urja Joshi, Harp – Liberty
Jaewoo Kang, Violin – Independence
Simone LeFavour, Viola – Independence
James Li, Cello – Frisco
Matthew Li, Cello – Independence
Jasmine Liew, Harp – Independence
Wiley Liou, Viola – Lebanon Trail
Willa Liou, Viola – Lebanon Trail
Giselle Menezes, Harp – Liberty
Christopher Minn, Harp – Lebanon Trail
Ananya Nair, Violin – Reedy
Dennis Park, Viola – Centennial
Diego Patiño, Bass – Independence
Finnegan Powers, Bass – Heritage
Yee Hong Pua, Cello – Lebanon Trail
Tom Punnen, Cello – Liberty
Jase Smith, Bass – Heritage
Danielle Yoon, Cello – Independence
Erin Yoon, Violin – Independence
Jayna Yoon, Violin – Liberty
Nathan Zhou, Harp – Centennial shares your local news and success stories

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