Would you run through this?

Many runners, cyclists and walkers turned around when reaching a flooded trail off Spring Creek Parkway near Collin College in Plano on Sunday. But not all.

Decision time

On a 44-degree sunny Sunday January morning … one solitary female runner looked across the water on the sidewalk, took a few seconds to gauge how deep the water was, consider value of her running shoes, estimate the top of water to sidewalk below, shook her head three times with a Yes, … then she went for it, through it, water above her ankles and almost up to her knees, and made it across. …

There was no applause but it was a decisive moment. The guy walking dog behind her turned around and drove around to other side of Oak Point. The runner kept going up the trail and across the bridge toward the prairie and highlands.

The trail on college side along Rowlett Creek was still wet after heavy rain last week.

Across the creek, high spot at Oak Point Nature Preserve near Los Rios in Plano TX. Blackland Prairie. The trails below still damp or covered in water.

We saw the determined runner again over on the trails high above the lake at Oak Point.

Going full circle: Wooden trail over wetlands at Oak Point going toward rec center near Jupiter and Spring Creek. After the storms, Oak Point’s lakeside trail and this wooden trail had a few spots where washed-up storm debris covered the path. We were able to pick up a few bags of trash such as bottles that had washed up and move a big fallen branch off the middle of the path. Take a second to leave it better than you found it. Recycling and trash cans are along the trails.

At Oak Point, you can kayak too. Now it is your turn to get outside and explore.

Published by Brian Bearden

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