McKinney TX City Council advisory board weighing fate of Texas Gov. Throckmorton statue

The McKinney City Council has formed an Ad Hoc Advisory Board to provide advice and oversight to staff research related to the historical context, appropriateness, and relevancy of the James W. Throckmorton statue situated in front of the McKinney Performing Arts Center in downtown McKinney.

The Advisory Board consists of 11 members including seven appointed by City Council (one each for the Mayor and Council members), and one member each from the Arts Commission Board, Historic Preservation Advisory Board, Main Street Board, and Collin County Historical Commission.

Council appointed the following Advisory Board members: Justin Beller, Don Day, Kenneth Holloway, Larry Jagours, Russel May, Jimmy Stewart, and District Judge Nathan White.

Additional Advisory Board members include Latisha Nance, Arts Commission Board; Betty Petkovsek, Historic Preservation Advisory Board; Matt Hamilton, McKinney Main Street Board; and Paula Ross, Collin County Historical Commission.

Staff for the Advisory Board consists of representatives from Planning, Main Street, Neighborhood Services, Historic Preservation, GIS and other departments as needed.

The Advisory Board will participate in a series of three meetings in August and September. Meetings will be televised and open to the public. The final meeting will include a public comment period. Meeting dates will be published on the city’s website. Staff will present its findings for City Council review and determination in October.

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