Winds, heat down tree branches #bradfordpears

Lot’s of neighbors are losing tree branches because of the heat and winds lately. This Bradford Pear became a splitting headache for a neighbor. Bradford Pears grow fast and last about nine years before splitting. Don’t plant close to anything you don’t want a big tree branching down on such as fences, vehicles and yourContinue reading “Winds, heat down tree branches #bradfordpears”

Remarkable wedding, event venue: Brides recommend The Mill at East McKinney TX

Collin County Magazine Review: Brides know the dress important, and so is the wedding venue. When it comes to weddings, we have been to some impressive remarkable weddings and receptions at The Mill at East McKinney. The old mill on Elm Street off Hwy. 5 between U.S. 75 at historic downtown McKinney, Texas, has beenContinue reading “Remarkable wedding, event venue: Brides recommend The Mill at East McKinney TX”

Congrats Frisco Education Foundation Scholarship recipients #Classof2020

The Frisco Education Foundation Scholarship Program offers Frisco ISD graduating high school seniors the opportunity to apply for college scholarships offered through the Foundation. In addition to scholarships funded by the Foundation, the Foundation prides itself in serving as the catalyst for outside donors to award scholarships to Frisco ISD graduating high school seniors inContinue reading “Congrats Frisco Education Foundation Scholarship recipients #Classof2020”