Plano TX: If you hear the Outdoor Warning Siren, this is why …

Four reasons why the Outdoor Warning System could be activated, and none are scheduled for today …


Outdoor Warning Sirens are designed to alert people who are outside to seek shelter inside. In hazardous conditions, Plano’s sirens will sound for 3 minutes. During monthly tests, Plano’s sirens sound for 1 minute, followed by a voice saying “test.”

1) Tornado warning issued by the National Weather Service
2) Trained weather spotters identify a tornado forming in or near Plano
3) Hail greater than 1.5″
4) Severe thunderstorm warning with winds greater than 70 miles an hour.

What should you do if you hear a siren? Go inside and seek more information.

Learn more about Plano’s Outdoor Warning System and sign up for Plano City Call to get text and e-mail alerts.
Source: City of Plano Texas

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