Letter to the Editor: Primary opponent supporting Lorenzo Sanchez in runoff

Dear Voter,

I had the rare opportunity to look behind the curtain and spend several months with various local candidates in 2019 and 2020. Although candidates are often surrounded by supporters such as staffers and volunteers, I got to know Lorenzo Sanchez, a Democrat candidate for Texas House District 67, by running against him. While I had a good run, Lorenzo secured more votes and earned his spot on the ballot. My family and I fully support Lorenzo’s candidacy and I would like to tell you why.

There are a few things I learned after spending countless hours on the campaign trail with Lorenzo that I want to share with the voters in my community.

Candidates run for a variety of reasons. What stands out to me about Lorenzo is that the image he portrays, the literature he puts out, and the messaging from Lorenzo’s campaign truly represent Lorenzo’s individual values. Lorenzo’s democratic values run deep. Although he has earned several endorsements from local and state-wide organizations, those endorsements don’t tell the full story. Lorenzo has a long track record of community involvement, dedication to public service, and a desire to create opportunities for all people that predates his run for office.

Lorenzo has what it takes to win. Several Democratic candidates ran in the Primary for House District 67. Each candidate entered the race intending to oust incumbent Jeff Leach, but the reality is that each Democratic candidate had to compete against each other to win. Lorenzo was able to inspire, motivate, and earn the trust of a diverse following and assembled the largest grassroots volunteer team that Collin County has ever seen. We need a candidate who inspires and mobilizes voters in our community if we are going to succeed in our quest to unseat incumbent Jeff Leach.

Finally, Lorenzo is a class act. Even though Lorenzo and I were running for the same seat, I always knew what I could expect in my interactions with Lorenzo on the campaign trail. He is a person of integrity. His care for the community extends to all individuals from all walks of life. And he is everything that our incumbent career-politicians are lacking. We are tired of politicians that answer to mega-donors, PACs, and special interest groups. We want elected officials who truly represent their constituents. We want a Representative such as Lorenzo, who believes that the role of our State Rep is to be a Voice For Texas, and a Voice For Us.

Early voting for the Democratic Primary runoff is from June 29-July 10 and Election Day is July 14.

Rocio Gosewehr Hernandez
Former 2020 Primary Candidate
Texas House District 67

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