UNT offering ‘Degree in Three’

The University of North Texas is offering a degree in project design and analysis, a specialized track within the Bachelor of Science in Integrative Studies degree at UNT at Frisco, Texas.

UNT says students can be prepared to enter the job market in three years. The project design and analysis bachelor’s degree program includes three summer internships, real-world industry engagement and project-based learning in a cohort with a career-ready focus.

Classes are available at Frisco’s UNT Hall Park at 2811 Internet Blvd., and UNT Inspire Park at 6170 Research Road, plus UNT at CHEC in McKinney near U.S. 75 at 3452 TX – 399 Spur. Find out more at 972-668-7320

Published by Brian Bearden

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